Web Series


  • Currently 5.00/5

Embark on the Cumpliation 2 adventure with us, where buckets of cum are dumped nonstop. Where do you like to dump your cum, more importantly where do you like the cum to be dumped on/in you?

Whether you gulp ...

TOUCH ME: Gianni Gio, Samuel Blanco

  • Currently 5.00/5

The art of touch can be a very stimulating thing, as Samuel Blanco finds out when he meets his new roommate Gianni Gio. Gianni’s room does not have a door and asks Samuel to be quiet while he rests. Samuel is wild w...

BLOND IN BLOND: Mika Ayden, Kosta Viking

  • Currently 5.00/5

The rumor is that blonds have more fun, let us watch Mika Ayden and Kosta Viking and see if they have as much fun as you and I can. Mika and Kosta meet on a beautiful summer day in the port and enjoy the romantic feel of ...

KB DPs 1

  • Currently 5.00/5

Double Penetration: a thrill for many a challenge for the novice, pleasure for the gifted. It takes a power bottom to be able to accommodate 2 men’s cocks at the same time. It also takes the right 2 cocks to make it...

ADMIRATION: John Rodriguez, Gianni Gio

  • Currently 4.50/5

Gianni Gio and John Rodriguez hook up and discover that they have both had a deep admiration for each other for many years. As they chat it up, they find that this admiration stems from a deep appreciation for the other&r...


  • Currently 5.00/5

Cum, cum, cum, loads of delicious cum! We all have that desire to give it or to take it. No matter which side you are on, hopefully both, the pleasure is always there. The cum train has pulled into the station, are you go...

REALITY PORN - DARK: Jona Ortiz, Jay Summers, John Rodriguez

  • Currently 5.00/5

In the depths of a secret sex club men show up and willingly follow the instructions of the mysterious master, today, Jona Ortiz, Jay Summers and John Rodriguez enter the lair and follow the seductive instructions. After ...

HANDS DOWN: Adam Tyrant, Gianni Gio

  • Currently 4.57/5

Gianni Gio is in town on business and checks into the Hands Down boutique hotel, where concierge Adam Tyrant knows how to truly treat special guests. Unfortunately, when Adam shows Gianni the room the a/c has been off and...

BUMP INTO: Samuel Blanco, Felipe Teleas

  • Currently 4.29/5

Felipe Teleas is cruising the local shopping center when he bumps into an old fuckbuddy, Samuel Blanco. Felipe leads Samuel back to his apartment where they pick up exactly where they left off, ready for round two of some...

OUT OF THE BLUE: Lucio Saints, Magnus Loki

  • Currently 4.60/5

On a brick spring day Magnus Loki is out jogging in the park when he stops to stretch and rest, out of the blue he spots a former fuck friend of his, Lucio Saints. Lucio clearly demonstrates that he is horny and his cock ...

AFTER: John Rodriguez, Andrew Venice, The Blond Wolf

  • Currently 4.40/5

On the prowl for a hot 3 way, Andrew Venice, and The Blond Wolf spot John Rodriguez, who is always up for a hot and wild time, and make a connection with him. It does not take much persuasion for John to join the party an...

THE REPORTER: Adam Tyrant, Magnus Loki

  • Currently 4.29/5

Magnus Loki is a photojournalist and has been assigned to do a cover story on a famous church in the area, while photographing the church he notices a hot gentleman, Adam Tyrant sitting near the church and takes some pics...

PRELUDE: Gus Torres, Justin Jett

  • Currently 4.46/5

The script is flipped as we open up with Gus Torres and Justin Jett taking a sensual shower, cleansing, and caressing each other after a wild and seductive sexual encounter. Just because you have cum does not mean that th...

REALITY PORN #12: Axel Rockham, Magnus Loki, Lucio Saints

  • Currently 4.86/5

With a room to let, Magnus Loki is holding a contest to see who is best qualified, will it be Lucio Saints or will it be Axel Rockham. May the best cock, I mean may the best man win!

The first challenge is ki...

HUNTER-HUNTED: Magnus Loki, Gianni Gio

  • Currently 4.31/5

As a gay person we have all learned the importance of being “street smart” and Magnus Loki has noticed that his new neighbor, Gianni Gio has been making him feel a little uncomfortable. Taking control of the s...

STUD MUFFINS: Gus Torres, Mika Ayden

  • Currently 4.30/5

Deep behind the elegant walnut doors lies the very handsome couple of Gus Torres and Mika Ayden. Gus and Mika have invited us in for a whirlwind of pleasure that they believe will tickle our need to be voyeurs.

PLEASURE BOUND: Manuel Skye, Santi Noguera

  • Currently 3.89/5

The dark world of leather tempts many a man and today it comes to the light as Manuel Skye gives some leather training to sub-Santi Noguera. Santi enters the room and sees that Manuel is turned on by the feel and smell of...

OLD SCHOOL: Gus Torres, Paull Bradd

  • Currently 4.57/5

Are you tired of being ghosted and all the other games played on apps, Gus Torres and Paull Bradd find out that the Old School way is much more affective with guaranteed results. Meeting out in public has its own stimuli ...

Movie Scenes

Sex City 1 - Scene 2

  • Currently 4.42/5

Another pair of lovers, Dolph Lambert, Dario Dolce suck each other's uncut cocks in the shower. Dario then gives Dolph's ass a deep rimming before filling his ass with condomless cock. The Dolph takes his turn fucking Dar...

Sex City 1 - Scene 1

  • Currently 4.27/5

Real-life lovers Dennis D'Nello and Maikel Cash have a suck fest on their balcony, and then Maikel fucks Dennis Bareback until they both shoot huge loads of cum! ...

Horns of Plenty 2 - Scene 2

  • Currently 4.05/5

Israeli hunks, and real life partners Adam Excell and Morr Foxx find their way into a farm house, and suck each other's dicks until they both shoot hot loads of cum right into each other's mouths! Morr th...

Tropical Adventure 2 - Scene 6

  • Currently 4.43/5

Marco Salguero and his real life partner Antonio Ferrari enter a tropical garden, and whip out each other's big, uncut cocks to trade blow jobs. The pair then slide into a 69 position, and they keep sucking until each man...

Pride 2 - Scene 2

  • Currently 4.21/5

Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas run into John Cemax and Dennis D´Nello baling hay. The four duck into a barn for a gay orgy where Dennis and John suck the juices out of Daniel and Pedro,...

Pride 2 Scene 1

  • Currently 4.07/5

Real-life partners Dennis D'Nello and John Cemax wake up in thier country bed hot for a fuck. Dennis impales John's tight ass sans condom until they both shoot copious amounts of cum. ...