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THE REPORTER: Adam Tyrant, Magnus Loki

Video Details

Magnus Loki is a photojournalist and has been assigned to do a cover story on a famous church in the area, while photographing the church he notices a hot gentleman, Adam Tyrant sitting near the church and takes some pics of Adam. Magnus offers to take more photos for Adam and so they head off to Magnus’ flat.

Once inside the passion between Adam and Magnus heats up quickly. Already stripped down to their underwear and their cocks are flush and quickly rising. Magnus goes down on Adam and quickly brings his hot cock to full attention. Adam swaps with Magnus and shows him just what a hungry and talented cock sucker he truly is, devouring Magnus’ magnificent cock.

Magnus flips Adam onto his back, spreads his legs open, exposing the hot, smooth, pink center of his hot ass. Leaning in, Magnus begins licking and lapping at the tasty pucker hole, absorbing all the pleasure engulfing him.

Being both hungry and horny, Magnus turns his ass to Adam and Adam does what we would all do, lean in, and thrust cock deep inside that incredible, famished hole. Magnus fucks his hole, grinding up against Adam’s cock, riding it hard and doing all he can to satisfy his hunger.

Another flip and Adam lowers his ass down onto Magnus’ throbbing cock, while Magnus has his legs spread wide open, given us a hot view of balls slapping against balls, Magnus’ cock being consumed and his ass sweating with utter delight. Adam flips around and continues fucking himself on Magnus’ cock.

One last flip and Adam is lying on his side and Magnus is behind him thrusting his cock deep and hard inside of Adam’ ass. Adam’s ass has milked Magnus cock superbly as he pulls out and showers Adam’s ass with his hot, creamy load of cum. Magnus scoops up his load and shoves it into Adam’s ass, as Adam strokes his cock and shoots his heavy load all over his abs. Unfortunately, this is not going to be the cover photo of the morning paper.

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28 Mar 2024

Journalism was never as exciting when I was a reporter. Strongboli knows how to put the fantasy into otherwise borrowing events. Adam and Magnus were hungry and I was ready for more and they both delivered exactly what I wanted!

30 Mar 2024

I'm excited to see two of the hottest new KB models in this scene together, and the resulting chemistry is extremely hot. Both men are handsome sex animals, which is exactly what I like to see! Great scene!

30 Mar 2024

Hot scene

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