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OUT OF THE BLUE: Lucio Saints, Magnus Loki

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On a brick spring day Magnus Loki is out jogging in the park when he stops to stretch and rest, out of the blue he spots a former fuck friend of his, Lucio Saints. Lucio clearly demonstrates that he is horny and his cock is in need of Magnus’ sexual talents. Lucio puts his magnificent cock on display and Magnus cannot refuse.

The guys head back to Lucio’s flat and quickly get reacquainted with one another as the clothes are stripped away and the kissing reaches passionate levels. Magnus takes Lucio’s growing cock into his mouth as memories of the deliciousness of Lucio’s cock fills his mouth and throat. The guys swap positions and Magnus spreads his legs wide open and Lucio begins deep throating his rock-hard cock.

Magnus backs himself up against Lucio and Lucio thrusts his monster deep inside of Magnus’s sweet, pink hole. Lucio fucks with a smooth, steady fucking motion then begins pumping his cock in and out of Magnus’ ass, making sure that he feels ever last inch of that massive cock fucking him.

Time for another swap and this time Magnus squats his ass down onto Lucio’s bulging cock until he can feel both of their balls make contact with each other. Lucio cups Magnus’ ass cheeks, spreading them open and guiding him up and down his long cock shaft.

Getting flipped onto his back, Magnus keeps his legs spread wide for Lucio and Lucio continues fucking his sweet ass. Lucio has thoroughly fucked and massaged Magnus’ ass to perfection, so much so that he grabs his cock and explodes with a hot, thick creamy load of cum that showers down on his ripped abs. Lucio continues fucking the cum out of Magnus and quickly sprays his hot load of cum all over Magnus’ ass and thighs. This was an out of the blue reunion worth waiting for.

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02 May 2024

Huge fan of Lucio Saints. I will watch anything that he is in and am always envious of his co-stars. Magnus has a talented ass and mouth, the way he goes down on Lucio and sucks that hot cock! Bend me over Lucio, my ass is yours to use, please!!!

04 May 2024

Seeing Lucio's huge, brown dick plunging Magnus' pink hole is like a little bit of heaven!

08 May 2024

That's such an attractive couple. Their chemistry transcends the screen. Hot scene.

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