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AFTER: John Rodriguez, Andrew Venice, The Blond Wolf

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On the prowl for a hot 3 way, Andrew Venice, and The Blond Wolf spot John Rodriguez, who is always up for a hot and wild time, and make a connection with him. It does not take much persuasion for John to join the party and off they head to Andrew and Wolf’s place.

Andrew and Wolf have struck the sex pot of gold with John. Always up for a good time, John has a fetish for couples and the guys are all over each other. Kissing, stripping, manhandling are all on the agenda, but when they find the hidden compartment in John’s pants, Andrew and Wolf know immediately this is going to be one to remember.

John drops to his knees and does what he does best, service multiple cocks at the same time. John has two magnificent cocks that are hard and hungry for his delectable lips. John goes back and forth from one uncut cock to the other, all awhile he is tugging on their hefty balls.

Our sexy couple switch it up with John and drop to their knees, sharing in the glory of his walnut-colored cock.

Another swap and the guys are in a chain suck with John sucking on Wolf, and Wolf sucking on Andrew’s cock. Another swap and this time John is in the center with Andrew sucking on his cock, while John is still servicing Wolf’s cock. John flips to all 4’s and Andrew begins feasting on that heavenly ass. Wolf demands his time and John flips so that both men get the pleasure of eating his magnificent ass.

With John still on all 4’s the guys begin to spit-roast him, with Andrews’s cock in his mouth and Wolf’s cock fucking his hot ass. John turns around and now Andrew has his opportunity at fucking John’s sweet ass while John gets to taste and savor the flavor of his ass all over Wolf’s cock.

Andrew flips onto his back and John rams his hard, raw cock deep into his hungry hole. Wolf beats his cock on Andrew’s face as the pleasure is reaching a boiling point. Flipping around, Andrew now has Wolf fucking his cock in and out of his ass as John joins Andrew in a hot 69 cock sucking sensation.

Another swap and the guys start a fuck train, Andrew is the lead, John in the center and Wolf right behind him. John takes control of the action as he knows that the middleman controls the fucking, pounding pleasure into Andrew and milking Wolf’s cock. Every movement is a pleasure for all, but not as much as it is for John, who gets it coming and going. John’s cock is too much for Andrew as he unloads his hot cum. Just as Andrew spews the last of his cum, John is showering his load of cum all over his balls. John and Andew edge Wolf to a climatic eruption of pleasure.

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04 Apr 2024

Always wonderful to see John Rodriguez in action. He has been hitting the gym hard, very impressive results. John knows how to command a 3 way and schools these guys in how and where to line up!

04 Apr 2024

It is a DELIGHT to see that John Rodriguez is in a new scene! Soooooo sexy!

06 Apr 2024

John looks like he's right in his element in the middle of a train fuck!

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