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Rocking Chair: Max Saga, Sir Peter

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While Max Saga is at home perusing a fashion magazine when Sir Peter enters the room and has a fashion issue that needs attention. Max immediately stands up and begins inspecting the firmness, strength, flexibility and support of the huge dick bulge that is restraining Sir’s ever-growing cock. Releasing Sir’s cock from the confines of the fabric, Max drops to his knees and begins to service the magnificent cock that is dangling just a breath away from his wet lips. While Max is seated in the rocking chair, Sir has his foot on the back of it to assist Max with his undulations forward and down onto his meaty cock. Max is a gifted cock sucker, but today his ass has a hunger that is very demanding and Max flips around so that Sir can have access to it. With Max on all 4’s in the rocking chair, it acts with the same ease of a sling by allowing smooth, fluid movements that allow both men full pleasure. Sir possesses such an accomplished tongue that he is able to sense when an ass is wet enough and relaxed enough for his fat cock. With his senses on overdrive, Sir stands up and rams his massive cock deep into Max’s equally talented ass. Max is proving exactly how talented he is and Sir grabs the opportunity, feeding and filling his ass with his huge cock. Max is flipped and fucked in a variety of positions, one more penetrating than the other, only to raise the pleasure of both men to astounding heights. With Sir’s engorged cock pumping pleasure deep inside of Max’s ass he as no other option but to blow his thick, creamy load of cum. Max’s incredible fucking skills has given Sir the opportunity to fuck hard and deep, which he is rarely able to achieve, but not today. Today Sir has slammed is cock deep and hard and the pay off is his huge load of cum that showers down onto Max. Take advantage of what is already in your home for some deep leveraged fucking.

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16 Aug 2020

It's so hot to see Peter's big, thich cock sliding into Max's smooth ass!

T Michael
19 Aug 2020

Max is great to watch. Anyone else want him to stop shaving his body?

24 Aug 2020

Wow...this is some great deep fucking!!!Sir Peter's hole looks so good!!!

20 Feb 2021

Me encantaría que Max Saga deje de afeitar su cuerpo...Sería más hermoso aún con todo su vello púbico...comparto la opinión de T. Michael.

31 Mar 2024

Peter met his match with Max!

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