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ARM WRESTLE: Marcos Oliveira, Guido Plaza

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Guido Plaza challenges Marcos Oliveira to some brut force strength and the payoff to the winner of the challenge is to fuck the other. Now Guido is not as big a guy as Marcos and we think this just may have been a set up so that Guido could get his hot ass fucked raw by Marcos. After winning the match, Marcos’ cock is already at full strength and he is ready to fuck Guido through his underwear, now that is an eager fucker. Guido is just as eager and drops to his knees and begins deep throating Marcos’ monster 23-centimeter cock all the way down his hungry throat. Marcos encourages and guides Guido up and down that long cock shaft, making sure that it is dripping wet when he parts his sweet ass. Guido climbs atop the table and bends over, giving Marcos a perfect view of his smooth, fawn colored pucker hole and Marcos immediately begins tongue fucking that perfect ass in front of him. Marcos gives Guido’s hole a good tongue fucking, but he does not want it too saturated, he wants Guido to feel his hot cock flesh ripping into his tight ass. Marcos slowly pries his ass open, but it isn’t quite open enough so the guys swap positions. Guido flips over, places his heels on Marcos’ shoulders and that elongated cock slips in and the pace picks up real fast as Marcos slams his tight ball sac against Guido’s ass. Another flip and this time Guido is dangled over Marcos and his mammoth cock is once again being deep throated by Guido, he wants to make sure that huge cock is well lubed this time. Guido is happy with the lubrication and squats his ass down onto Marcos’ monster cock and the wild ride begins. A surprise flip and Guido is fucking Marcos and in no time Marcos’ cock is spewing cum all over his ripped abs as Guido continues fucking his pink hole. Marcos’ ass muscles grip and milk Guido’s cock as he delivers a creamy load of cum all over Marcos’ hairy balls and ass. This way everyone is a winner.

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25 Mar 2022

It's good to see Marcos back, and hotter than ever! He is a sex machine!

04 Oct 2022

Hottest arm wrestling game with those 2 hot latin men Guido Plaza and Marcus Oliviera. What a pity to see Guido Plaza lost this match and he will get fucked by horse hung Marcus Oliviera as they agree..... Could not believe my eyes to see how huge and massive his 23 cm uncut cock is..... Guido Plaza enjoys and love to suck big cock as usual... Hottest ass eating by Marcos who enjoys that hairy ass of Guido plaza... and as he wins this arm wrestling match, he fucked Guido really hard bareback with his huge 23 cm manpole....

Irving Wever
04 Oct 2022

What a hot video scene again, with those 2 favorite hot latin men Marcus Oliviera and Guido Plaza. I could not believe my eyes when I saw Guido Plaza his male body after getting undressed and showing his hot male body, starring in this video. Guido Plaza has a body every man could dream off, his facial beard, tattoed body and his perky and sensitive nipples are so amazing hot !! His uncut 23 cm cock and balls are really massive and huge ! Hottest man to man sex encounter with hot his partner Marcus Oliviera, who know how to kiss a man and sucking big cock too. Marcus as a winner in this arm wrestling match in the hottest scene ever seen with both goodlooking men !!

07 Oct 2022

I love MARCOS OLIVIERA, this Brazilian native dude is so hot as hell. His smooth male body, sensitive nipples and his uncut cock and balls are amazing too. Marcos Oliviera enjoy showing his hot ass and get stroking his huge shaft. Hot man to man encounter with sexy Guido Plaza. Guido his perky and sensitive nipples really turns me on...Marcos Oliveira who is a hot bottom ready to take that huge 23cm cock of Guido Plaza. Bring both men soon back again Kristen Bjorn !

16 Oct 2022

Editor please bring back Sexy Guido Plaza soon back on stage. Cannot wait to see his nex performance .Guido Plaza is such a good looking guy with a body every man could dream off. So friendly is he, his facial beard, tattoed arms and his massive uncut banana dick makes him the hottest latino dude ever. His perky nipples really turns me on too.....so hot to see his chest...his nipples are so ready to suck on... Marcos Oliviera is a goodlooking guy and partner in this scene, who loves man to man encounters and fucking Guido Plaza hard bareback...Want to see more soon on Guido Plaza...love this guy so much !!

19 Oct 2022

Guido Plaza you are my most favorite man so far. Your body is amazing as I see you when this video starts, love those perky nipples of yours and of course your uncut 23 cm huge banana dick really turns me on. Hottest man to man encounter with Marcos Oliviera here in this scene...Editor Strongboli when is Guido Plaza back on stage at KB ??

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