Casting Couch #436: Manuel Reyes, Sir Peter

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Manuel Reyes is the newest member to gay porn and to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men, who happens to be paired up with the amazing Sir Peter. Manuel may be a bit smaller in stature to Sir, but his strong, rigid cock says he is ready for a wild adventure. With his cock fully exposed, Sir leans in and begins sucking on his cock that seems to get harder with every push past his moist lips. Manuel receives a thorough cock sucking from Sir, as his own cock is straining to be set free. Dropping to his knees, Manuel is treated to the up close and personal prospect of what is to come with this magnificent, meaty cock bouncing in front of his mouth. Manuel takes a deep breath then takes in the bulbous head that leads to the thick shaft that is gliding across his famished tongue. Realizing quickly that he is going to have to go slowly at first so that his mouth can adjust to the sheer size of Sir’s cock, Manuel shows that he is no beginner cock sucker. Manuel proves to be a very eager cock sucker and quickly begins chocking down as much of that monster cock as possible. Sir bends Manuel over and slams his cock balls deep into his wet hole, proving that the only cock Manuel wants in his ass is a huge cock. Sir repeatedly pulls out and thrusts his cock back in Manuel’s hungry ass, each time causing Manuel to gasp for air. Just as Manuel has become accustomed to that huge cock in his ass, Sir flips him onto his back and begins his assault all over again. Once again, Sir’s cock plunges in and out of Manuel’s hot, pink ass as if it were always meant to be there. As the fucking intensifies so does both men’s levels of pleasure. Manuel grabs his cock and begins stroking in unison with Sir’s strides that have delivered both men to the threshold of no return. Sir’s fucking has reached a fevered thrusting that forces the cum to fly out of Manuel’s cock. With Manuel’s cock pushing every drop of cum forward, his ass is created a vice grip around Sir’s cock and begins to milk it for everything he has. Sir shoots his load of cum all over Manuel’s thighs and furry balls. He then scoops up his load onto his cock and deposits his load into that hot, hungry ass. Manuel may be new to us, but he has proven that he is a master of pleasing huge cocks.

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17 Sep 2020

Finally we get to see someone who can handle Sir's huge cock! Great work Manuel.

17 Sep 2020

No es posible que sir peter se haya afeitado...decepciona un poco.

T Michael
18 Sep 2020

You can tell Manuel likes a good Fuck. Sir gave him something he won’t forget for awhile.

18 Sep 2020

Very hot scene!

10 Oct 2020

Good scene, but can we stop with the ridiculous public hair trimming? Lighten up on the manscaping please.

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