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Casting Couch #430: Aaron Caban, Santi Sexy

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Aaron Caban is about to embark on his new adventure in the world of Gay Porn with one of the top black porn stars in the business, Santi Sexy. Santi works countless hours on having his perfectly sculpted, muscular body and Aaron is that scruffy guy next door/jock that everyone dreams of cuddling up next to, so to see these two come together will be a dream come true for so many on both sides of the spectrum. As the guys begin to bump and grind huge dick bulges, their KB underwear and jock are stretched to the limits by their ever-expanding bulging cocks. Santi releases Aaron’s meaty cock and drops to his knees to take in the full splendor that is growing right before his eyes. Just as Aaron’s latin cock is reaching its full potential, Santi takes it into his mouth and begins savoring the full delicacy filling his mouth and throat. Aaron has seen Santi’s talents at work before so he ratchets up the excitement by fucking Santi’s face as the pleasure fills both men. Unable to wait any longer, Aaron drops to his knees and begins sucking on Santi’s black cock as Santi reaches up and begins playing with his nipples for added stimulation and pleasure. Santi is then bent over and Aaron’s cock teases his hole at first before plunging deep inside of his hot, sweet ass. Aaron retracks his cock several times so that Santi can feel the full length and girth of his cock about to impale him again and again. Aaron’s fucking is reaching an intensive level and decides to switch things up before Santi explodes over the edge of no return. This time Santi is on his back as Aaron’s meaty cock pushes deep inside and picks up right where he left off, with even more intensive raw fucking. Santi expresses his deep pleasures of being fucked by Aaron’s husky cock that his moans are stimulating to Aaron and drives him to fill Santi with more cock and more pleasure. Aaron’s powerful fucking has delivered Santi to the edge and Santi takes the leap as his cum flows from his hard cock. Relentless in his fucking, Aaron continues banging away at Santi’s convulsing ass until his cock erupts all over Santi’s black cock, balls, smooth thighs, ripped torso and eventually into his smooth hole.

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01 May 2020

Very hot scene! Aaron looks like the proverbial bad boy that turns me on.

09 May 2020

Any scene with Santi gets me hard. His muscular and defined body and the way he takes cock is worth watching over and over.

15 Aug 2020

Santi and Aaron are a perfect pair! Both are stunning on camera!

17 Sep 2021

Always have and always will love Santi!!!!! More, please! He's soooooooooooooooo good!

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