In Good Hands: Cole Keller, Mario Roma

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When you train your muscles as hard as Cole Keller does it is always good to have a massage therapist, Mario Roma close by. Cole arrives directly from the gym with some intense muscle aces in his shoulders and back. Mario works his hands up and down Cole’s massive muscles, but can’t help but admire that huge ass. Cole flips onto his back and Mario strips down to his jock strap, not to get any massage oil on his clothes. With his hard cock straining to get out of his jock strap, Mario has Cole get up and stretch, instead of stretching he knowingly begins posing for Mario. The glances are exchanged and the party begins as both men begin groping each other’s cocks. Cole gets back onto the table, and this time Mario begins massaging Cole’s ass with his strong tongue. Getting up from the table and walking to the head of the table, Mario begins feeding Cole his hard cock. The guys switch up as Mario starts sucking on Cole’s rock-hard cock. Cole bends Mario over the table and rams his raw cock deep into the muscle masseur’s hairy ass. The guys swap up again and this time Cole is on his back with Mario’s cock penetrating his massive, muscular ass. The muscle bears continue fucking as Cole lowers his furry ass onto Mario’s straining cock. The guys work in tandem to raise their sexual pleasure as each man reaches his own pinnacle of pleasure. Cole then stands up and feeds Mario his creamy load of cum as Mario laps up every last drop. As Mario savors the last of Cole’s cum, Mario shoots his hot load onto Cole’s huge, flexed bicep. With his bicep still flexed, Mario enjoys the delicious taste of his own cum mixed with Cole’s sweat.

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03 Jan 2020

Fantastic! I am so glad to see Cole back, and getting his muscle ass fucked again!

10 Jan 2020

I love to see hot, hairy, muscle men like myself fucking. I would fuck them both with my fat cock.

30 Jan 2020

KB produces the best muscle men fucking scenes. This one is no exception. Can we have a threesome between three muscled hairy men?

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