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PROTECTED WITNESS: Heracles, Juancho Severano

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Juancho Severano leads a life of sex addiction and trafficking in illegal passports and on top of that he is witness to a brutal murder by the mob. A bodyguard, Heracles is hired to protect the valuable witness, but it is his addiction that threatens his abilities to be a live witness. With most all addictions they eventually take control of you unless you take control of them, but having a huge, handsome bodybuilder bodyguard only adds fuel to this fired up sex addicted until the flames are ignited and there is only one thing to do. Thankfully for us Juancho is a sexy sex addict and Heracles knows how to milk his subject to his benefit. On one such afternoon Juancho’s addiction takes over as he is caught staring at Heracles and is asked if he wants to touch it, “is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me”? The answer to that is yes and yes! Heracles knows exactly what he is doing and allows Juancho his desires as he begins a seductive striptease and Juancho is finally able to wrap his wet lips and tongue around the bodyguards throbbing cock. This is a holiday feast for Juancho, getting his first fix in a long time and it is with Heracles, the mouth-watering bodybuilder/bodyguard. Juancho works his mouth up and down that magnificent cock shaft swallowing every centimeter of it, getting his high from the sensation of it going down his throat. Heracles grabs him by the head and drives him down hard to his smooth, musky base. The more Juancho sucks the harder Heracles’ cock becomes, feeding both men’s needs and addiction. Heracles flips Juancho around and slams his throbbing cock balls deep inside of his raw ass, giving him the fucking, he has been yearning for. After some deep ass pounding, Heracles pulls his cock out and beings fucking that pink, pucker hole with his strong tongue. The guys swap up and Juancho grinds his ass down hard onto the bodyguard’s granite cock with such urgency and command that both men are quickly approaching and a huge explosion. Heracles has another trick to pull and flips Juancho onto his back and teases his ass with just his cock head. Juancho is now wild with desire and jumps and positions himself to be fed the hot, creamy juices of his protector, his bodyguard. Heracles feeds Juancho his hot load of cum as Juancho strokes out his own creamy load. With his addiction being fed, maybe he will live long enough to be a viable witness.

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17 Sep 2021

Wow, Heracles is a good top as well as a good bottom! What a muscle stud!

21 Sep 2021

Juancho is so hot. He’s like a walking wet dream

23 Sep 2021

Hot scene! Yes, Heracles is a good top too! Juancho is amazing.

11 Nov 2022

OMG what a hot video about a muscular bodyguard who has to protect a witness. Starring with 2 of the hottest men on earth Juancho Severano & Hercules. Hot close up moments of both men when they met in the house, getting undressed and showing their nude bodies and stroking their huge uncut banana dicks too. Hercules is a hot bodybuilder, with such big muscles and pecs. He has such a hot smooth chest and his perky and sensitive nipples are so huge...I enjoy nipple play on men and Hercules his chest and his suckable man nipples are amazing. I really enjoy this scene and bring both men soon back on stage editor Strongboli

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