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Wet Dreams 2 Scene 4

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Studly foreign sailors Csaba Zsiros and Andres Navarro stop for a piss at the port. When cute American sailor Tony Lazzari happens to stumble into them, he takes on both uncut dicks, causing them to shoot out hot loads. Meanwhile, Ferran Griego runs into Antonio Rico, and they immediatly extract each otherĀ“s hot cum. The threesome and the couple then proceed to fuck each other side to side in a gay orgy until many loads have been unloaded by each hunk.

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11 Dec 2017

This is a very pleasurable wet dream, of the best kind ! These men are all Studs, and definitely know The Score. They are great company, and all of their sexual acts are really athletic. After all said and done, they are in the prime of their lives, doing the things that they know best....

20 Oct 2019

big asses turn me on so badddddd

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