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Casting Couch #495: Joey Parker, Nik Fros

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The uber handsome, muscle Daddy Nik Fros inducts the sexy, street skate boarder Joey Parker into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. The attraction of opposites rises to the occasion as the guys begin stripping away their clothes and passionate kissing takes over.

Daddy Nik strips Joey of his shorts and is eager to explore that hot ass of his. Nik spreads those magnificent cheeks and finds the cherry center, ripened for his pleasure. Joey has his sights set on Nik’s throbbing cock and drops to his knees and immediately begins sucking life into the ever-growing cock. Nik tweaks his nipples as his cock is being serviced by what turns out to be a very talented mouth and throat.

Nik sees that Joey’s up-curved restless cock is demanding attention, so he swaps positions and devours his cock in one fell swoop. Gliding his succulent lips up and down the rock-hard cock brings pleasure to both men and drives the desire for more through the roof.

Joey gets spun around and at first Nik just teases his hot pink hole with his cock then gives him exactly what he needs and desires. Nik rams his raw cock balls deep into Joey’s hungry hole. Nik pounds Joey’s ass hard, ramming his cock deeper and harder with each thrust of his hips. Joey’s cock remains ardent as it swings with pleasure and grows to a firmness that is unmatched.

With a change of positions, Joey is spread eagled on the floor while Nik shoves his cock back into that insatiable ass. Nik’s hairy, ripped torso is glistening with the layer of sweat he has worked up fucking the young skater. Joey’s balls have drawn up real tight as he strokes his cock in unison with Nik’s penetrating thrusts.

Nik has fucked Joey to the edge and he is unable to hold back any further as he unleashes his thick, creamy load of cum onto his abdominals. As Joey’s cock is shooting out his hot load, his ass muscles have been massaging and milking Nik’s cock as he continues fucking Joey’s pulsating ass.

Joey is bent over onto all 4’s and Nik rises to his feet for maximum leverage and slams his cock deep into that wet hole. Nik continues fucking with the same voraciousness that he has built up and now only follows the desires of his granite cock. One last thrust and Nik is showering Joey’s ass with his hot load of cum. Nik then shoves his heaving cock back inside of Joey’s ass, giving him a treat to take with him.

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10 Aug 2023

Where are all the photos. You always provide some of the hottest photos of the sex. Is this a new trend with Kristen Bjorn?

11 Aug 2023

The photo gallery is below, as usual.

11 Aug 2023

I am very sorry Kristen, I have loved your work for many years. But this director puts no life into his films. It seems as if he just "phoned it in." Luckily for this scene the models are hot and did their job, but as for direction it seems to be totally missing. Where is the rimming? I have noticed that this director seems to either not like rimming, or does not find it necessary or interesting to put it in his films. Perhaps this director is bored with his job and is just doing the bare minimum. This scene is not exciting enough for me to watch.

17 Aug 2023

Nik Fros is amazing! more please

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