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Casting Couch #488: Jacob Lord, Andre Cruise

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Andre Cruise is extremely excited to get his hands, mouth, and ass on Jacob Lord as he inducts him into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Jacob strips down to his taught underwear before Andre enters the room and gives his eyes something amazing to gaze upon when he does enter.

Andre is rubbing the magic bulge growing in Jacob’s underwear and is finding that he is hornier and hungrier than he has ever felt before. The passionate kissing between the two shows the level of chemistry that is building between them. Jacob strips both of their underwear away and leans in and devours Andre’s raging hard-on.

Jacob seamlessly positions and repositions himself so that not one second of pleasure is missed as he allows Andre to open wide and begin sucking on his impressively meaty cock. Andre has no issue with sucking on that fat cock and even takes it out of his mouth to beat it against his face, just to feel the force contained within it.

Jacob switches it up and gently glides his fat cock deep inside of Andre’s smooth, awaiting ass. The deliberate and intensity of Jacob’s fucking powers has Andre expressing how amazing it feels to have that fat, meaty cock filling his sweet ass.

Time for a different position and Jacob takes Andre and places his shoulders on the floor as he fucks him from above. This allows Jacob a deeper angle and for Andre to open wide and feel the full force of that magnificent cock fucking his ass deep and hard. Jacob tries another variation on this position and the sexual acrobatics go into overdrive as Andre is loving the deep dicking that he is receiving.

Pulling out, Jacob is hungry to get a taste of that sweet ass that he has just stretched to the limits. The savory flavor of cock and ass are pleasing to Jacobs tongue and driving his cock wild with the desire to fuck deeper and harder. Jacob goes from tongue fucking Andre’s perfect ass to fucking him with his hot cock, but this time he has turned around as we watch his heavy balls slam against Andre’s gifted ass.

Making another flip, this time Andre lowers his pink hole down onto Jacob’s awaiting cock. Andre is able to fuck himself, feeling how deep he can go with each downward thrust. Andre pops off of Jacob’s cock and shows him his hot hole as Jacob strokes out a hot, creamy load of cum. Jacob fingers Andre with his cum drenched fingers, which triggers Andre to shoot his hot load all over his ribbed abs and heaving chest.

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25 May 2023

This is the scene that was made for all the romantic gymnasts and for those of us that think we can still spread our legs like that and not have back pain later. This scene starts off hot and only gets hotter as it moves along. Exceptionally handsome and sexy men, very sexually talented and gifted. Must see!!!

26 May 2023

Wow, what a fucking hot scene! Both guys are amazing!

28 May 2023

A perfect couple who make even the most complicated sex seem simple. I've tried it several times with my boyfriend, but we haven't been able to succeed yet. We'll write to you when we do, maybe in two years. LOL.
Thanks Kristen Bjorn for making sex something different and fun. Hot scene.

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