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Casting Couch #494: Adam Tyrant, Jacob Lord

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Adam Tyrant is a horny fucker, walking into the room, stripping down to his underwear in preparation for his induction into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the very sexy Jacob Lord. Apparently, Adam loves showing off his various piercings along with that sexy stache of his.

Jacob enters the room looking as enticing as every with his hairy, muscular toro teasing us of the pleasures to come. Lustful kissing starts off this meeting along with exploring hands. Adam reaches out and finds Jacob’s mushrooming bulge.

After relieving themselves of the confines of their underwear, Jacob leans in and consumes the entirety of Adam’s rock-hard cock, sucking it to his full ball sac, revealing another of Adam’s piercings, this time it is his smooth, sexy taint. Adam is eager to get his lips wrapped around Jacob’s marvelous cock and quickly elicits encouraging demands from Jacob to service his throbbing cock.

Adam repositions himself so that his ass is hovering just above Jacob’s hungry tongue. Jacob wastes no time and begins fucking Adam’s smooth hole with his hot tongue. Adam’s pleasure level is rising quickly, thanks to the amazing talents of Jacob’s magical tongue.

Jacob bends Adam over and rams his cock balls deep inside of that hot, smooth hole. Adam proves he is very skillful with big cocks fucking his ass and is hungry for more. Adam is enthralled with Jacob’s cock in his ass that he demands that he “fuck me” over and over again and Jacob answers his demands with a harder and deeper ass fucking.

Time to change things up and this time Adam squats his wet ass down onto Jacob’s thunderous cock. Adam drives down the entire length of Jacob’s cock shaft and immediately begins riding that cock deep and hard. Jacob takes over and thrusts his granite cock as deep as possible, much to Adam’s delight. The guys go back and forth with who is doing the fucking until they swap up for another position.

Adam lies down with one leg in the air and Jacob’s cock coming in for a penetrating fuck that will take both men over the edge and into bliss. With Adam’s ass being so accommodating, Jacob fucks him with full on passion and pleasure. Adam’s ass has milked Jacob to the edge and beyond as Jacob showers his thick load of cum all over Adam’s steel rod. Grabbing hold of his cock, Adam uses Jacob’s cum as his lubricant and strokes his cock as Jacob finger fucks him to an explosive orgasm that shoots all over his smooth abs.

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03 Aug 2023

There is something about Adam and his "stache" that is a bit retro and yet very sexy for todays man. Bringing the mustache back in a very sexy way! It was fun to watch a very smooth guy and a very hairy guy going at it. Just proves that we don't all have to like our "twin" to get excited. Jacob is exquisite in his skills, he moves Adam around his cock very craftily, but I am sure Strongboli had a lot to do with that. But once in position, Jacob takes full control and drives Adam wild, turn up the volume on this one, you don't want to miss the verbal exchange. Great film!!

04 Aug 2023

Wow, Adam is a great find! His nordic looks are a nice contrast to his latino top, and he seems like an insatiable sex pig. Please, more scenes with Adam!

04 Aug 2023

Adam is a Tom of Finland 3.0. very sexy. Hot sex, Jacob Lord is very sexy too. Hot scene. More please.

04 Aug 2023

Adam's bottoming skills are on point. I love how smooth he is and that mustache is on fire. He is very eager to please Jacob with his mouth and his hole. His cock is rock hard. Watching him ride waves of anal bliss is a beautiful thing. The way he laps up the cum that Jacob feeds him is the cherry on top. Something tells me that he would be well-suited to get DPed by a couple of well-hung studs in a future video. Here's hoping we see more of him soon.

01 Sep 2023

The smooth vs the hairy. Hot

21 Oct 2023

Adam takes Jacob's cock balls deep. I could almost feel his manload spraying deep inside.

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