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Casting Couch #417: Mario Roma, Indigo Baz

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Indigo Baz finds himself with his hands full with newcomer Mario Roma, or shall we call him daddy with personality. As our daddies explore each other’s hairy bodies it is Indigo that drops to his knees and takes Mario’s uncut big boy dick deep into his mouth. Indigo gags on Mario’s hard cock, which turns Mario on and encourages him to spit in Indigo’s face and feed him his cock. These guys love to swap spit with each other and Mario coats Indigo’s cock with his saliva as Indigo spits and adds his as additional, natural lubricant. The guys then move into a hot 69 where both hairy asses get a fully gratifying ass eating. Their tongues probe, lick and fuck each other’s ass into a wild frenzy. With both asses hot, wet and horny Mario is the first to top and Indigo’s hairy hole greedily sucks Mario’s cock deep inside. Mario gives Indigo an intense fucking that builds with each thrust as Indigo works to keep his hot ass relaxed and open. It is time for Indigo to flip Mario and has him lower his ass onto his throbbing cock. Mario grinds down hard and deep, feeling Indigo’s furry bush tickling his ass as he increases his rhythmic pattern of fucking himself. Indigo flips Mario again and this time Mario finds himself on his back with his legs spread wide, exposing those smooth balls and hairy ass. Starting slowly, Indigo finds that Mario’s ass is as tight as the first time his cock penetrated his ass. Mario quickly relaxes and opens up and Indigo increases his fucking, which increases both men’s lust. As the fucking picks up it’s pace so does the pleasure that is filling Mario’s balls, which have drawn up tight and are loaded and ready to explode. One last thrust of Indigo’s rock-hard cock in his ass forces the thick, creamy load of cum to fly out of his huge cock head. Mario scoops up his thick load and coats Indigo’s cock with his cum as Indigo’s cock slips back inside of Mario’s ass. No sooner does Indigo begin fucking again that he pulls his cock and showers Mario’s hairy hole with his hot load of cum. Hot, hardcore, hairy daddy fucking.

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28 Aug 2019

Mario Roma is very sexy. hot video!

28 Aug 2019

Mario is damn hot. Great video!

04 Nov 2022

This video was a blockbuster, gorgeous couple with those horse hung guys as Mario Roma and Indigo Baz. Cannot believe my eyes, when both men got undressed, to see their hot male bodies and their uncut banana dicks which are so massive. Really love that huge uncut cock and balls of Mario Roma, he is such a hottie. Hottest man to man encounter with 2 of the hottest men at Kristen Bjorn. Hope to see Mario Roma soon back in a new performance with other hung Spanish or latin guys.

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