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WISE GUYS: Lucas Mancinni, Apolo Adri

Video Details

Apolo Adri has set up a hook-up with his favorite fuck buddy, Lucas Mancinni. Lucas heads over after his workout, excited to show Apolo his pumped muscles. Apolo is excited to share what he has pumped up as well!

Too excited to keep their hands off of each other, Lucas discovers what Apolo has throbbing in his shorts and quickly strips him of his shorts. Lucas inhales Apolo’s manly musck before he opens wide and begins sucking on his magnificent cock. Apolo’s cock is long and strong and Lucas is ready to go balls deep as he sucks it all in and down his hungry throat.

Apolo bends Lucas over and takes in the full glory of his massive, muscular ass. Apolo’s tongue parts the muscle mounds and begins indulging himself on the sumptuous pucker hole awaiting his attention.

With his cock being rock-hard, Apolo stands up and rams his impressive missile balls deep inside of Lucas’ hungry hole. Lucas cries out in pleasure as Apolo pounds his ass deep and hard. Lucas and Apolo are a perfect match, one huge cock to fuck one huge ass.

Taking a seat, Apolo’s cock is at full attention as Lucas lowers his bubble butt onto his throbbing cock. Lucas slowly lowers his ass onto Apolo’s cock until he can feel the pubic hair and balls pressing against his ass. Lucas drops to all 4’s and backs his ass up onto Apolo’s cock. Apolo takes control and fucks Lucas with such sexual passion that any bottom would be envious.

Lucas gets flipped onto his back, legs spread and Apolo coming in for a hardcore, penetrating fuck. Apolo’s cock is massaging and fucking Lucas’ ass perfectly, so much so that he grabs his cock and begins stroking it while pinching his nipples. Apolo fucks the cum out of Lucas as he continues with his intense fucking. Lucas is hungry for cum and Apolo feeds him his hot, creamy load. Lucas licks Apolo clean of all of his milky load.

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29 Jun 2023

I am a huge fan of Apolo Adri and any time I get to watch his amazing form in action, blows me away. Lucas has been hitting the gym hard and his impressive muscles are a treat to see. It is a good thing that Apolo's cock is so big, so that it could fit in that massive ass. I love this scene!

30 Jun 2023

Wow, the perfect cock in the perfect ass! Great scene!

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