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Casting Couch #485: Kay Tronx, Giuspel

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The seductive Italian, Giuspel is eager to meet, dominate and induct Kay Tronx into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. As the men enter the room they show us their attributes, one smooth, muscular and handsome, the other hairy, masculine and equally handsome. No wasting time, it is time to get this induction on its way.

The passionate kissing is followed by their clothes being stripped away. As their mighty cocks are released a joust of the man cock begins. This is a cock fight we would all love to be in the middle of. Kay quickly drops to his knees and takes Giuspel’s rigid cock deep into his mouth while cupping his heavy ball sac.

Kay’s cock sucking skills are driving Giuspel crazy with desire and pleasure. Giuspel swaps places with Kay and begins devouring his rock-hard cock. Kay lays back and allows Giuspel’s talents take him away to where pleasure never ends.

Giuspel spreads Kay’s legs apart and dives in and begins feasting on Kay’s smooth, sweet, pink hole. As Giuspel’s tongue darts in and out of Kay’s tight hole, desire and lust are on the rise.

As he stands up, Giuspel straddles Kay and rams his merciless cock balls deep inside of his pleasure canal. Kay is so hot and anxious that he offers up no resistance and Giuspel’s ass fucking only picks up the pace and passion.

The guys change up positions and this time Kay is on all 4’s with his huge, smooth muscular ass up in the air, taunting and teasing Giuspel. Giuspel immediately rams his cock full depth so that Kay can feel that full pubic bush brushing against his smooth ass. Kay encourages Giuspel for more and Giuspel responds by withdrawing and plunging his cock in and out of that hungry ass.

Another flip and we are privy to a magnificent view of that hot Italian cock fucking the smooth, muscular ass from the side. Kay and Giuspel lock lips as the fucking intensifies and heats up the entire room. Giuspel works himself into an oblivion of pleasure as he showers Kay’s smooth ass with his thick, creamy load of cum. Giuspel shoves his erupting cock back inside of Kay as Kay shoots his own heavy load of cum all over his muscular thigh.

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23 Mar 2023

This is a hot, raw, passionate sex scene between one hairy, muscular stud and one equally sexy man, except he is smooth, fantastic contrast. I especially loved watching Giuspel's tongue working over Kay's pink hole. It looked like both men truly enjoyed fucking with each other. This is a must see!!!

24 Mar 2023

Great scene! Kay Tronx is a rel hotcake. More of him, please!

24 Mar 2023

Kay Tronx gives his hole to Giuspel COMPLETELY. Beautiful scene with beautiful men.

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