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Casting Couch #489: Paull Bradd, Lucio Saints

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Always the consummate professional, Lucio Saints awaits Paull Bradd to induct him into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Lucio is poised on the bed in his stretched underwear looking devilishly handsome as ever then flashes that sensual grin of his as Paull enters the room.

Paull strips down and joins Lucio on the bed, where Lucio greets him with his seductive kisses. Paull reaches out and Lucio guides him to his massive cock. Paul is blown away to actually be touching the legendary massive cock of Lucio Saints.

The underwear are stripped away and Paull begins sucking on Lucio’s monster cock. Lucio was born for this job as he expertly encourages and guides Paull on the finer points of sucking such a huge cock. Paull responds favorably as he feels his lips parting wide as his throat is being forced open as he comes closer and closer to the fat base of Lucio’s monster.

The guys try a different position and this time Paull mounts Lucio with his ass in perfect alignment with Lucio’s talented tongue. As Paull works his mouth up and down the long cock shaft, Lucio is working his tongue in and out of that perfect pucker hole sitting on his face.

A quick switch and Lucio is behind Paull, ramming his huge cock in and out of that hot ass that he just primed with his wet tongue. Lucio is impressed with Paull’s talents and takes him to a higher level of fucking by pulling out and thrusting it full length back inside, reaching new depths with each thrust.

Lucio finds himself caught off guard as he continually thrusts his cock in and out of Paull’s ass. That ass has proven to be more talented, more accommodating then Lucio had anticipated. So much so that Paull’s smooth, pink ass has milked Lucio of his hot, creamy load of cum. Lucio dumps his load all over Paul’ls pink hole and then buries his cum drenched cock deep inside.

Lucio’s cock is demanding more from Paull and so he is flipped onto his back and Lucio continues with his deep ass fucking in pursuit of even greater pleasure.

Another flip and this time Paull is grinding his hungry ass up and down Lucio’s throbbing cock. Paull rides Lucio for every ounce of pleasure he can draw from it. Paull and Lucio work in tandem as Paull’s ass is filled with cock and pleasure. Paull’s cock has remained rigid throughout and as Lucio pumps his cock deeper in his hole, he has reached his pinnacle of pleasure as his creamy load of cum shoots out of his meaty cock. Lucio continues fucking the cum out of him then shoots his second load on and in Paull’s gifted ass. This is what chemistry looks like.

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01 Jun 2023

What an amazing scene! I have been a huge fan of Lucio's for many years, he is like a fine wine, getting better with age. Paul was the fortunate one to draw all that cum out that monster cock, 2 loads in once scene, great job guys. Must see film.

03 Jun 2023

Ww, I'd love to stick my dick in Paul's hot ass!

03 Jun 2023

Paul is really cute, hot scene.

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