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THE CELEBRITY pt. 1: Malek Tobias, D. Dan

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The life of a celebrity is rough, always being photographed, admired by strangers on the street, but today Malek Tobias has had enough as his security detail, D. Dan escorts him back to his hotel. Malek just wants to be treated normal, D. has a plan for that.

As D. strokes his growing cock under his suit, he expresses that he sees Malek as a normal person and will show him normal. Malek strips down and exposes his already erect cock as he moves closer to D. and the growing presence inside of D.’s suit.

Malek frees D.’s growing cock and immediately takes it into his mouth and down his throat. D. tells Malek that he is going to show him “how to be a normal person.” D. takes Malek’s head into his hands and begins fucking his mouth with passion.

D. strips down, exposing his masculine, muscular, hairy Daddy body and begins sucking on Malek’s rock-hard cock. D. flips Malek’s legs into the air and begins feasting on his furry hole, then returning to his rigid cock, repeating, and building both men’s passion as he alternates between cock and ass eating.

Another flip of Malek’s legs into the air and this time D. rams his rock-solid cock into Malek’s hungry hole. With Malek’s ass in the air, D. has full and complete access to fuck to his complete satisfaction.

With another flip Malek lowers his hot ass onto D.’s throbbing cock. Malek and D. work in unison, grinding cock and ass together as Malek’s thick cock flops around with each deep thrust.

This turns out to be a position that the security detail gets off to the most often. Malek hops off of D.’s cock just in time to eat his load and lick his cock clean of all cum. Malek is a hungry celebrity and requests that D. continue fucking him with his cum coated cock. With D.’s cock fucking him hard, Malek explodes a huge load of cum.

This was a hot fuck, not exactly a “normal” fuck, so I guess this will have to be repeated before it reaches “normal” status.

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29 Dec 2022

Great scene! So good to see the handsome Malek back and with super hot Daddy D. Daddy D knows how to eat and fuck an ass, please line me up next!! Can't wait for part 2, 3, and 4!

30 Dec 2022

Very hot scene! I love watching Malek getting fucked by that big, muscled daddy dick!

31 Dec 2022

I have really enjoyed this scene, congratulations!!! The guys are hot and I am looking forward to watch the second part of the scene.

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