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ONE PLUS ONE: AJ Sloan, Bastian Karim

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Attempting to catch up on the required reading for his university class in philosophy, Bastian Karim is distracted by A.J. Sloan in the next room stroking his huge cock. Bastian has changed his studies from reading to cock rather quickly.

Bastian joins A.J. and immediately deep throats his raging hard cock. Switching from cock to balls, Bastian makes sure that each is expertly serviced and pleasured.

A.J. is spewing over with excitement and has to back off of Bastian’s talented mouth and bends him over the bed. A.J. spreads Bastian’s magnificent ass finding the hot pink center that has  overwhelming flavor and pleasure. A.J.’s tongue fucking has Bastian gyrating his ass to gain the full indulgence of A.J.’s tongue.

With Bastian’s ass fully lubed with A.J.’s spit, A.J. stands and slips his long cock deep inside of Bastian’s moist ass. Bastian and A.J. work in unison to find the rhythm that works for them both, before A.J. decides Bastian may need some additional lube and returns to eating his ass once again.

A.J. returns to fucking Bastian on all 4’s with a  perfect fucking rhythm that pleases both men. A.J. grabs Bastian’s hands and holds them behind his back and begins plunging his hot cock in and out of Bastian’s perfect ass.

Bastian flips to his back and A.J. continues lunging his cock in and out of Bastian’s ass. A.J. has found his perfect rhythm and Bastian’s raging hard-on is proof that it is massaging him perfectly.

With A.J.’s precise fucking, Bastian has been fucked to the edge and can hold back no longer as he grabs his cock and strokes out his creamy load of cum as A.J. is slamming his cock deeper in his ass. Bastian squats down onto A.J.’s throbbing cock and takes the pounding that is edging A.J. closer and closer. Just as A.J. begins to blow his load Bastian jumps off and catches his hot load in his mouth, cleaning every last drop with his hungry tongue. This is one class that adds up to much more than just one plus one.

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18 May 2023

This was a very romantic scene with great highlights of deep, raw sex. If you like a little, or a lot of romance with your sex this is your scene!

19 May 2023

Great combination of sexy guys! The exotic, big dicked AJ, and the creamy skinned Bastian have some real chemistry. Very hot scene!

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