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Casting Couch #463: Alex Cabrera, Gianni Maggio

Video Details

Alex Cabera is eager and excited to be inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the man with the monster cock himself, Gianni Maggio. Alex confesses that he has heard about the legend and leads us to believe that he is a “beginner.” As Gianni strips Alex of his underwear, he grabs hold of that plump, muscular ass that he is anticipating to be a wild and wonderful ride. When Gianni strips off his own underwear his monster cock is already a granite monument ready to be conquered and Alex’s mouth is drooling in anticipation of the pleasures about to part his mouth to new limits. And just like that, Alex’s mouth has consumed the full length of that mammoth cock that few before him have ever been able to achieve. As Gianni drives his intense cock hard into Alex’s throat he reaches back and spreads Alex’s almond colored ass apart, exposing the sumptuous hole that he cannot wait to feast upon. Alex flips onto his back, spreads his muscular legs open and Gianni begins feasting on that amazing ass, knowing that he needs to make sure that it is fully lubricated before he penetrates it good and deep. After a good tongue fucking, Alex gets flipped onto all 4’s and Gianni slams his monstrous cock balls deep inside of Alex. This is no beginner nor amateur, Alex quickly proves that he knows how to handle a man, especially a man with a cock that few can handle. Gianni rams his raw cock in and out of Alex before flipping and having Alex ride his cock. Alex makes the most of every centimeter of Gianni’s cock, opening his ass to all there is and then squeezing the monster for extra pleasure. One last flip and Alex is on his back, legs spread and Gianni feeling a pleasure that few have been able to deliver before. So much pleasure wrapped around your cock evokes so much luxury that Gianni is unable to edge any longer and explodes his thick, creamy load of cum all over that magnificent ass. Gianni coats his fingers with his hot cum and begins fingering Alex’s exquisite ass, urging him closer and closer until his huge globs of cum splatter across his ripped abs. This is no beginner; this is an expert perfectly matched up with a legend.

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29 Apr 2022

Wow, Alex is such a stuf muffin. Looking forward to seeing more of Alex!

29 Apr 2022

This bottom is fucking hot! We are witnessing a full-blown profiling of Kristen Bjorn men! more please. This scene is material for his fucking wank bank! lol

29 Apr 2022

My God! That’s all I can say …….

30 Apr 2022

Alex is definitely superstar material in the grand KB tradition. An incredible video in every respect.

30 Apr 2022

Gianni should’ve sucked Alex’s dick. The lack of that ruined the film for me.

30 May 2022

Wow! Alex is just wow. His 90’s pube style is super hot! I wish more models trimmed them that way! Smooth ass too! Yum!

05 Jun 2022

Gianni was just too rough and craven. Alex deserved better.

27 Oct 2022

This scene beautifully illustrates a recent positive trend in KB action: extensive asshole displays. While rimming has always had a strong presence, we're seeing much more vivid camerawork and stimulation of the asshole, including its contracting and releasing. Note the gusto with which young Alex throws his legs back and spreads himself wide for daddy's ministrations. And while the fucking is vigorous, Alex is beaming with delight. I applaud this focus on the asshole: close up, well lit, glistening with saliva and/or cum.

02 Feb 2023

What Alex Cabrera can do with his hole is nothing less than MAGIC. Please, Kristen, bring him back for some DP scenes!

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