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Casting Couch #478: Felipe Teleas, Little Brako

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Hardcore gay porn turns to the hairy Daddy side of things today as Felipe Teleas is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the hot Daddy himself, Little Brako. Brako enters the room and immediately begins kissing with Felipe as they both work their way through their hairy chests to the stiff nipples awaiting attention.

As the nipple play continues, Felipe reveals Brako’s furry hole and gives it a good tongue lashing before releasing his growing cock for Brako’s hungry mouth. Brako fills his mouth, throat, and all of his senses with the pure pleasure of Daddies cock filling his immediate needs.

The guys flip and now Felipe gets the chance to fill himself up on Brako’s throbbing cock. As it glides across his wet tongue, he feels the warmth of Daddy Brako’s body and cock inviting him to come closer and deeper.

Felipe turns Brako around and begins his feast of plenty on Brako’s hairy hole. Letting his tongue wander wherever it pleases in search of prized center of deliciousness. Brako’s ass gets a thorough feasting before Felipe rises up and rams his raw cock deep inside of that wet, hairy, pleasure den.

Versatility reigns supreme with these Daddies as they flip and this time it is Felipe that lowers his ass down onto Daddy Brako’s awaiting cock. These are some thick men that love their sex juicy as Felipe slams his ass down onto Brako’s cock and then Brako pumps his meaty cock in a rapid-fire succession of pleasure.

Brako is enjoying the feel and sensation of the fucking that he wants to experience it for himself and squats his ass down onto Papi Felipe’s fat cock. Brako is out the gate like a stallion at the races, pleasure is the only driving force and it is not about to slow down as his ass slams down hard onto Felipe’s pelvis.

Brako is flipped onto his back and Felipe pierces his ass with precision and continues fucking him with unrelenting force. Felipe has pumped so much pleasure into Brako that it has to be released and his cock explodes a huge load of cum all over his furry abs and chest. Felipe scoops up the hot load of cum and begins stroking his cock before it erupts with a thick, creamy load of cum that coats Brako’s pulsating hole.

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24 Nov 2022

Yes, some hot Bjorn Bears! Great to watch these guys enjoying be fucked and fucked hard!

25 Nov 2022

Very hot scene! Both men are manly, and they seem to have real chemistry together

25 Nov 2022

Hot flip flop with real men. Thanks so much! I will jack off tonight before going to sleep.

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