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Casting Couch #443: Jorman Brown, Manuel Scalco

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Our newest member to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men is the very handsome Jorman Brown, who is tutored, titillated and tantalized by the true brawn of Manuel Scalco. Stripping Jorman of his sexy underwear, Manuel takes his rich coffee colored big boy dick into his mouth and sucks it all the way down to his smooth, drawn up balls. Manuel is overwhelmed with the pleasure of Jorman’s meaty cock filling his mouth and immediately stands up and presents his dusty rose-colored cockhead to Jorman, who instantly devours the throbbing cock before him. Jorman can feel that Manuel is ready for more by the way his cock is pulsating in his mouth, so he flips him and rams his raw cock deep inside of his ass. Manuel’s hairy ass gets a deep dicking from Jorman before he gets flipped. Jorman lowers his ass down onto Manuel’s rock-hard cock and begins to pleasure himself as he starts to pick up his rhythmic fucking. Grinding down deep and hard, Jorman and Manuel’s balls are slapping against one another as the pressure and pleasure build. Jorman proves to be a hungry fucker and moves to the floor where he is on his back and Manuel slips his cock back into that demanding ass. This position works amazingly for Manuel as he is unable to hold back any longer and gives Jorman a facial with his thick, milky load of cum. With the taste of cum fresh on his lips Jorman is driven wild and erupts a creamy load of cum on his abs. Although we have just been introduced, we are ready to see much more of this versatile sensation.

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23 Feb 2021

Jorman is a cutie! Good scene!

27 Feb 2021

great casting

28 Nov 2021

Please make more videos with Jorman Brown. I love how he bottoms :)

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