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Casting Couch #486: Nik Fros, Kay Trox

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Kay Tronx is excited to meet and induct Nik Fros into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. As the guys meet up, they begin to strip, exposing their ripped, muscular bodies. It is all hands on deck as Nik takes Kay into his arms and seduces him with his hot, wet kisses.

Nik has his hands full of Kay’s muscular ass and is hungry to get at it. Kay has other plans as he drops to his knees and releases the strong bulge in Nik’s sweats. Once Nik’s impressive uncut cock is released Kay’s mouth is watering to get at it. Nik stuffs his hard cock into Kay’s hungry mouth and begins face fucking him, while exploring his smooth ass with his spit slicked fingers.

Climbing on top of Kay, Nik begins tongue fucking and fingering Kay’s magnificent ass. Kay’s pleasure levels are rising fast as Nik continues his command over Kay’s ass. Still on top and on his feet, Nik slides his slicked cock deep inside of Kay’s ass and begins a frenzied fucking. Kay moans out for Nik to go harder and Nik is quick to accommodate Kay’s demands.

Time to flip and Kay finds himself on his side while Nik is still holding a commanding position over him that gives us the perfect view of this hot fuck session.

Another flip and this time Kay is straddling Nik as he begins a rapid-fire fucking that is sure to lead to a huge explosion. Kay takes control and fucks himself on Nik’s cock, as he sets the pace for the pleasure that is building up deep within his ass and Nik’s cock.

Kay rocks back and forth on Nik’s granite cock in a rhythmic fashion as Nik’s cock massages him perfectly. Grabbing hold of his cock, Kay strokes to the rhythm and shoots his thick, creamy load of cum all over Nik’s hairy, ripped abs. Nik returns to his intense fucking and blows his load all over and deep within Kay’s brilliant ass.

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20 Apr 2023

This is a hot dominate scene! From the very beginning Nik is in control and Kay is along for the hot ride. Nik is a power fucker and Kay's hot ass is ready, willing and more than capable to handle this hot man's cock! If you like a power fucker, this is your film!

21 Apr 2023

Wow, Nik is one hot fucker! And Kay is the perfect bottom for this stud!

22 Apr 2023

NIKKY WOW DUDE!! BRUTAL & MERCILESS top! And Kay is such a LUCKY BOY! His pussy got a workout! Sooo hot!

31 May 2023

Nik Fros is HOTTTT!!!!!!

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