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RIGHT TO THE POINT: Manuel Scalco, Leonardo Lucatto

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It is a clear and crisp day as Leonardo Lucatto and Manuel Scalco hike up the mountain to Leonardo’s cousin’s cabin. As with any horny man, the best way to warm up is to strip down and have sex. Manuel and Leonardo strip down to their jock straps with big dick bulges and begin exploring one another. Leonardo spits and sucks his way up and down the smooth cock shaft of Manuel as he feels the strength of his cock grow in his mouth. Manuel spits a hefty amount of saliva onto Leonardo’s ass before he slips his hard cock into his raw ass. Manuel gives Leonardo a hard fucking before he flips Leonardo onto his back and trades his cock for his hot, hungry tongue. Feasting on Leonardo’s ass as if it were his last meal, Manuel brings both men’s desire to a higher level that really heats up the cabin. Shoving his cock back into Leonardo’s ass, Manuel picks up the pace where he left off and gives Leonardo a hard fucking. The guys switch it up and this time Leonardo squats down onto Manuel’s hard cock. Both men work in tandem for pleasure and heat. Manuel’s cock has massaged Leonardo’s ass perfectly that he shoots his creamy load of cum all over Manuel’s furry abs. Leonardo flips to all 4’s, spreads his ass open and teases Manuel’s cock with his pink pucker. Manuel cannot resist the temptation in front of him and creams Leonardo’s smooth hole with his oozing cum. Manuel leans in and begins lapping up his hot load from Leonardo’s ass. That is how you take the chill out of the air.

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10 Dec 2020

Leonardo is a very handsome and sexy man and what he can accomplish with that pink hole of his is incredible!

11 Dec 2020

It's so hot to see two manly men fucking!

11 Dec 2020

Awesome. Two of my favorites. Two hairy masculine guys. HOT.

10 Jan 2021

Very Hot ! Manuel Scalco topping is so fucking sexy !

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