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Raw Fuck: Jan Bavor, Martin Hovor

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Jan Bavor is a very well built guy. He is paired, for his screentest, with Martin Hovor. They are playing a computer game when Martin begins to rub Jan's crotch. Then he leans over and kisses his neck. Pushing Jan down on the sofa Martin kisses the hot body and opens Jan's jeans. They are tight but Martin manages to pull them down to release Jan's soft cock. He begins licking the cock and rubbing it. Then as it hardens he sucks on it. Martin's head bobs up and down as he sucks the stiff dick and then wanks it as well. Then Martin removes his tee shirt and sits on the sofa leaning back. Jan moves over to him, kissing him as he rubs his sexy chest. Jan's dick stays rock hard as he enjoys Martin's hot body. Martin pushes his jeans down so that Jan can get to the rock hard cock inside. He wanks and sucks the cock and then kisses Martin again. Martin enjoys the sucking and is soon both are naked with Jan moving onto his knees. Martin gets behind him to examine Jan's hot ass. His tongue finds the right hole and he rims it well. With the hole nice and wet Martin slides his rampant cock deep inside. He fucks that sexy ass hard and fast with Jan taking it so well. Jan turns over, onto his back, with his legs in the air for Martin to continue fucking his hot hole. That big cock stretches Jan's hole and fucks nice and deep. Jan grabs his own cock and wanks it as Martin keeps up the hard fucking. Jan soon shoots a big, creamy, load of hot cum as Martin slams his asss. Then Martin pulls out and shoots his cum up Jan's hot body. He milks his cock dry, rubbing cum over Jan's balls, and then leans over to kiss him again at the end of a very hot session.

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19 Mar 2019

Jan is a hottie!

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