Bone Island - Scene 2

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In a house nearby, stud Arpad Miklos and his boyfriend Craig Decker are going at it naked in an outdoor shower. Cops Max Veneziano and Dirk Holland arrive on the scene. Spotting the lovers in flagrante delicto doesn't incite the officers to arrest them, however. Both cops spring instant erections, which protrude from their uniform pants, as they watch Arpad coax a big spray of cum from Craig. Arpad and Craig devour the officers' cocks, then Craig bottoms for one officer while Arpad tops the other. Note to fetish fans: Arpad uses the officer's handcuffs as a cockring, and when he blows his load, he pulls up his dick with them, spraying cum into the crack he's just fucked. The arousing climax features a very impressive double-penetration sequence, with Dirk's lovely ass being speared by both Arpad and Max. As a warm-up, Max blows a massive load while trading off between spear-fucking Dirk's tight pink hole with his tongue and deep-throating Arpad's uncut dick. Yet again, Arpad fires off an impressive load in the end.

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09 May 2017

A beautifully-filmed Double Penetration !

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