Pride 2 - Scene 2

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Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas run into John Cemax and Dennis DīNello baling hay. The four duck into a barn for a gay orgy where Dennis and John suck the juices out of Daniel and Pedro, unloading their own cum in the process. Then, atop an outdoor hay stack, Pedro fucks his partner Daniel, while John fucks his own lover Dennis all sans condom. Before long, all four studs shoot off another round of cumshots.

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05 Jun 2017

Hay Barn locations always remind me of the famous Tom of Finland picture of a farmer entering the barn door, and finding two naked Twinks making themselves "At Home"..
The massive height of the hay bales adds to the scale of the lustful action in this particular location, without any doubt. It is said that eating food outdoors makes it more tasty,; well, in this case that adage applies to a fountain-like ejaculation , which is certainly not, by any means "The Last straw." !

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