DESIRE: Cole Keller, Marcos Oliveira

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Renting a cabin out by the lake in the countryside, Marcos Oliveira and Cole Keller set aside some special time to get truly acquainted with one another. After a day of kayaking the guys retreat to their cabin and exhibit what a pump their muscles got from the day’s activity. After more and more muscles are exposed, desires are running high. Cole is the first to expose his rock-hard cock and Marcos is close behind, but it is Cole that is the first to show his desire to suck cock as he leans in and begins devouring Marcos’ big boy dick. As Cole moves his hot mouth up and down the smooth cylindrical man meat, Marcos’ desire is ready to shoot through the roof. Marcos succumbs to his burning desire, he flips Cole onto his shoulders and dives right in and begins eating that muscular ass. As Marcos’ probing tongue darts in and out of Cole’s ass, both men have a desire for more. Cole gets flipped onto all 4’s and Marcos mounts him from behind with his hot, raw cock gliding smoothly and deliberately into those muscular mounds. Marcos retracks his cock numerous times to test the abilities of Cole’s ass and is pleased to find just how talented those muscles are that are gripping at his cock. The guys change things up and this time Cole is squatting his sculpted ass down onto Marcos’ hungry cock. Working in tandem, Cole and Marcos build their desires and pleasure for more. One last swap and this time Cole is on his back as Marcos builds his rhythm as both men’s balls draw up tight and prepare for the ultimate moment of pleasure. Marcos’ cock is massaging Cole’s ass magnificently as Cole grabs his cock and creams his own cock and balls with a thick load of cum. Marcos scoops up Cole’s cum and strokes his cock with the hot cream that triggers his own explosive climax that also coats Cole’s balls. Fresh air will always fill your desires for physical activity.

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11 Feb 2021

I want to go the cabin with them! This was beautifully shot, camera angles capture the perfect sucking, rimming and penetration. Cole's muscular ass is very impressive. It is so big, beefy and round, but opens perfectly for those who have been lucky enough to have been invited in. Marcos' cock is so long it can penetrate the biggest of bubble butts, not the fat ones, the muscular ones. I wasn't sure about this pairing at first, but after viewing them together it was a perfect match!

12 Feb 2021

Fucking hot scene! I love seeing bodybuilders getting fucked by bg dicks!

12 Feb 2021

These smooth men are so hot. It's beautiful to see the hot dynamic between them. They are two of my all-time favorites. Marcos was so sensual the way he used his tongue and his lips to prepare Cole's hole for some deep fucking. Cole has demonstrated in his other scenes that he will do anything to please his partners, and he certainly wasn't shy in this scene. He really knows how to use that hole! It was especially hot seeing Cole bounce on Marcos' cock. Great scene!

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