MANEUVERS: Mario Roma, Oliver Marinho

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After a wild hook up last night, Mario Roma and Oliver Marinho are ready for some more tactical and sexual maneuvers. As Mario and Oliver awake to the feel of each other’s furry pelts, Mario pulls out Oliver’s thick, meaty cock from his huge dick bulge and begins stroking him, making sure to pull back his foreskin and reveal his bulbous head. Mario moves in and can still smell the scent of their sex from the prior night, breathing in deeply, Mario’s senses are filled with desire as he begins sucking on Oliver’s huge cock. Oliver is extremely turned on as he begins sucking on Mario’s cock, as he can taste their fuck juices still lingering on his cock. With the smell of sex wafting throughout the room, Oliver is ready to go again. Lowering his ass onto Mario’s cock, Mario can still feel his hot load inside of Oliver’s ass, lubricating him perfectly for this morning’s sexual maneuvers. Oliver fucks his ass up and down Mario’s throbbing cock as his cock flops around full of lust and desire. The guys flip positions and Oliver finds himself on his back with Mario above him fucking him deeper and harder. Mario’s cock has massaged Oliver’s ass perfectly, which triggers Oliver’s cock to erupt with a creamy load of cum. Mario continues with his fucking and flips Oliver onto all 4’s and slams his cock into that wet ass from behind. Mario’s pace picks up a rapid pace and drives him to the edge as he showers his hot load all over Oliver’s ass. Mario slips his cock back into Oliver’s ass, adding the remainder of his load with his load from the night before. Now that is a top-notch mixologist.

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04 Feb 2021

Oliver Marinho is a hot cub. He has the perfect amount of fur and that juicy cock is incredible. I especially liked watching his cock flop around as he fucks himself on Mario's cock. Would have liked to see Mario eat Oliver's ass and for Oliver to flip Mario.

05 Feb 2021

Hot men, and great scene!

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