Casting Couch #441: Joel Win, Sir Peter

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Joel Win is the “Beginner” to be inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the master of monster cocks, Sir Peter. As the men slowly disrobe and seductively kiss each other their testosterone levels are quickly rising. Joel drops to his knees, opens his mouth as wide as possible and attempts to go down on Sir’s massive cock. Sir tweaks his nipples as Joe takes his monster cock in both of his hands and sucks on the gigantic mushroom head that more than fills his mouth. Being flipped onto all 4’s, Joel has his ass cheeks spread open and Sir knows that he needs to make sure that his ass is well lubricated before his gigantic attempts penetrations. Sir gives Joel’s ass a thorough rimming and fingering before slamming his hard cock deep into that hungry ass. Joel’s ass receives a deep pleasure that very few men are able to deliver to their partners and Sir is not finished. The guys switch things up and this time Joel is squatting down onto Sir’s monster cock and goes balls deep before Sir takes control and begins his aggressive fucking. One more flip and Joel ends up on his back, legs spread and Sir coming in for the ultimate deep massage. Sir has stroked Joel in the exact spot that will launch him over the edge and delivers the final stroke that unleashes Joel’s huge load of cum to erupt from his cock. As Joel’s ass spasms and pushes his hot load out of his body it is also milking Sir’s throbbing cock and brings him to ecstasy. Sir’s cock explodes with a hot, creamy load of cum that drenches Joel’s ass, but the true treat is when Sir shoves his saturated cock back into Joel’s spasming ass. If you are going to be inducted, you might as start with the biggest cock.

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12 Jan 2021

I'm in love with Sir Peter's cock!

12 Jan 2021

I agree with Jeff, I would love to suck on that monster cock and feel it deep inside of my raw ass. Such a magnificent cock. Please Sir, give us more!

14 Jan 2021

Hot bottom!

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