BAD BOYS: Delan Benobe, Guido Plaza

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Bad Boy Delan Benobe has met his match when he hooks up with wild boy Guido Plaza. Guido has been running the big city streets for some time and has learned some very skilled tricks from the guys he runs with. Delan does not know it yet, but he is either going to be taken for a wild ride or he may be taken for a ride. As the guys seduce each other, Guido is the first to make a move and quickly has Delan sucking on his dark piece of meat. Guido is surprised that he is enjoying his time with Delan and that this is no longer as simple as Delan being rolled. The other thing that surprises Guido is that Delan is as horny a fucker as he is and suddenly finds himself evenly matched. Guido thinks that he is about to suck on that hot cock of Delan’s when by surprise Delan lowers his ass onto his moist cock. The talents that lye within Delan’s ass are driving Guido crazy as his cock responds by reaching maximum strength in record time. As Delan slams his ass down onto Guido’s rock-solid cock, his own hard cock is slapping around from one thigh to the other and across his ripped abs. Guido is amazed at how horny this bad boy has made him and as soon as Delan bounces off of his cock he is deep throating Delan’s towering cock. Guido’s deep throat cock sucking skills are put to the test, but it is his hunger for sucking Delan’s massive cock that is driving him to new levels of skill and pleasure. After getting that huge cock into perfect arousal Guido lays back and spreads his legs as Delan rams his raw cock deep into that voracious ass. Delan fucks Guido’s ass long and hard, driving both men closer and closer to that moment of no return. As Delan’s thrusts become more fierce Guido’s cock unleashes a thick, creamy load of cum, which triggers Delan’s cock to explode in unison as both men stroke out their loads together. Delan slips his wet cock back inside of Guido and the bond between these two bad boys is set.

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08 Jan 2021

A flip fuck with two cute guys with big dicks. That's what I like to see!

08 Jan 2021

Why Guido is always sad? instead I would be very happy, Delan is really sexy. lol

18 Jan 2021

Not much cum from two young guys; disappointing.

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