I WANT YOU: Lucio Saints, Marco Napoli

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After a strenuous workout, Lucio Saints invites Marco Napoli back to his flat and the testosterone levels are skyrocketing. The very masculine Marco seduces Lucio as he plays with his nipples and tugs at his growing cock. The guys quickly get naked and Lucio goes in for the grand prize, Marco’s hairy, muscular ass. Lucio makes a feast of Marco’s delectable ass and rock-hard cock. Lucio flips Marco around and presents his meaty, monster cock for Marco to feast on. Marco does everything within his powers to choke down the gigantic cock as his ass begins twitching with anticipation. Marco gets flipped around again and this time Lucio rams his humongous cock deep into his beautiful ass. Lucio immediately begins fucking Marco with an energy only reserved for hardcore muscle fuckers. As Lucio slams his ass with his pulsating cock he is also leaving his hand print behind on that hairy ass, something to remember him by later. Marco gets flipped again and this time he is on his shoulders with his legs spread wide open and Lucio coming in from above. In this position Lucio has full advantage of going as deep as his cock desires. Marco’s ass is getting stretched to the limits with every penetrating thrust of Lucio’s massive cock. One last flip and Marco feels Lucio’s cock coming in from behind and massaging him perfectly. This position also works Lucio’s cock to the max as he sprays Marco’s hairy hole with his creamy load of cum. Lucio laps up his tasty cum from Marco’s ass, which triggers Marco to blow his thick load of milk. Lucio has a deep desire for the taste of more cum and starts licking up Marco’s load and sucking the remainder of his load out of his cock. I want you and your hot load of cum.

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01 Jan 2021

Lucio and Marco are a perfect combination. Great Scene!

Cant Get Enough
02 Jan 2021

Wow.. this is a scorcher. Hot hot hot

10 Jan 2021

Amazing ! Such a hot scene ! Marco is super hot !!!

10 Jan 2021

Really hot to watch Marco choke down Lucio's huge cock. Marco has some amazing talents when his ass is stretched wide open then creamed by Lucio. Loved watching Lucio eat all that cum!

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