City Slickers: Manuel Skye, Manuel Reyes

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For those who live in the city, they all know the importance of being aware of your surroundings and Manuel Skye is out and about when he catches the eye of Manuel Reyes. Opportunity is around every corner if you are aware of your surroundings. Manuel does not pay much attention to his initial encounter, but perks up after he notices that he is being followed by Manuel Reyes. Manuel Skye invites Manuel back to his flat and both men are on top of each other before they ever get inside of the flat. The clothing are not fully discarded before Manuel Reyes drops to his knees and begins sucking on Manuel’s hard cock. Manuel Reyes is an impressive cock sucker and fully services Manuel’s cock, so much so that Manuel Skye grabs hold of his head and controls his cock sucking so that he does not blow his load to quickly. Rising to his feet and stripping away his jeans, Manuel Reyes gets his rock-hard cock sucked and serviced by Manuel. Needing to feed his hunger, Manuel Reyes stops Manuel from sucking his cock and positions himself on his back so that Manuel Skye can slip his cock inside of his hairy hole. Manuel Skye fucks him good, then flips him over onto all 4’s and begins eating that perfect, pink, pucker hole. Manuel Skye swaps from fucking with his tongue to fucking Manuel’s hot ass with his throbbing cock. Manuel Skye goes back and forth from fucking Manuel’s ass with his tongue and then his cock. The guys swap again and this time Manuel Skye does his famous splits across the chair as Manuel fucks his exposed ass. Swapping again, Manuel Reyes finds himself on his back with Manuel fucking his ass deep and hard. This position works perfectly for both men and Manuel Reyes is the first to explode his load of cum as Manuel continues fucking his ass. Manuel Skye quickly unleashes his hot load as he shoves his cock and cum inside of Manuel’s taught ass. Those City Slickers know how to hook up in the blink of an eye.

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20 Nov 2020

Wow, what a hot flip fuck scene!

I. Williams
18 Dec 2020

I am getting a " error setting up player, invalid license key" response. please advise.

22 Dec 2020

Great scene. But it impossible to put individual models for favorites...

02 Jan 2021

Super super hot scene

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