Perfect Strangers: Marcos Olveira, Thomas Thunder

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Marcos Oliveira is out running errands when he stumbles across a stranger; Thomas Thunder who would be perfect to meet today. After some sexually charged eye glances Thomas and Marcos head off for a wild time. The guys begin to seductively disrobe and Thomas licks his way from Marcos’ pecs to his stern lips and the powerful man on man kissing intensifies. When the huge latin cocks come out the passionate kissing is only broken when Thomas begins sucking Marcos’ long cock shaft. Marcos takes advantage of Thomas’ cock sucking skills and begins his smooth face fucking. Thomas turns out to be the perfect stranger as he proves his expert cock sucking skills. Not to be overshadowed, Marcos sits back as Thomas begins face fucking his equally talented mouth. With his cock fat and full of pleasure, Thomas flips Marcos around and shoves his heaving cock deep inside of Marcos’ tight, pink ass. Thomas fucks Marcos hard and deep and every way he can to get his hungry cock deeper. Swapping up again, Thomas and Marcos flip each other in a deeply, penetrating squatting positions. All that fucking and getting fucked has taken Marcos’ and Thomas’ cocks to reach their extreme length, girth and hardness that pushes both of their asses to the brink of euphoria. As his ass clenches tightly around Thomas’ inflated cock, Marcos coats Thomas’ thigh with his creamy load of cum. Thomas sits on top of Marcos’ cum slicked cock and rides him hard until his own thick load of cum melds with Marcos’ cum. Perfect meeting, yes, strangers, not anymore.

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26 Jun 2020

It's always good to see Marcos back in action!

27 Jun 2020

Hot scene!

22 Dec 2020

Thank you for all the real men.

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