Play With Me: Manuel Scalco, Jonathan Miranda

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Jonathan Miranda and Manuel Scalco are gay porn stars in high demand for live sex shows at the clubs. The next morning the guys find themselves very horny after last nights performance. Manuel teases Jonathan with his hard cock, so Jonathan begins showing off his impressive cock as well. Jonathan begins by sucking on Manuel’s cock, giving him greater pleasure than from the show the night before. Enticed by the sight of Jonathan’s magnificent, fat cock, Manuel moves in and begins sucking, licking and kissing Jonathan’s throbbing cock. With his hunger mounting, Jonathan leans over and begins to feast on Manuel’s hairy ass, as his cock continues to fill his mouth. Manuel gets flipped around and Jonathan thrusts his bulging cock deep into his raw, hairy ass. Jonathan retracts his cock several times to test the strength and agility of Manuel’s sphincter. The guys flip and this time Jonathan is squatting down onto Manuel’s cock, going deep enough to feel his ass brush against Manuel’s hairy ball sac. Flipping again, this time Jonathan is on his back with Manuel on top of him. In this position and the curve of Manuel’s cock massages Jonathan in all the right places and pushes over the edge as he unleashes his creamy load of cum. As the lost drops of Jonathan’s cum drips from his cock, Manuel pulls his cock out and strokes himself to the edge. Jonathan’s ass is twitching, flashing and taunting Manuel for his load of cum. Manuel shoots his load then begins to finger Jonathan’s hot ass with his cum coated fingers.

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12 Jun 2020

These guys are smoking hot and this was a great scene. What they do with their mouths, throats, cocks, tongues, and holes is sexual art. Such chemistry! The way Jonathan uses his tongue to prepare Manuel's hole for a deep fucking is so sensual. I could watch Jonathan ride a big cock for hours. I am sure it's a lot of maintenance for Jonathan to maintain his smooth body, but I'm so glad he makes the effort! Hottest hole ever.

12 Jun 2020

Damn hot scene!

12 Jun 2020

Why are there no photos of cock sucking?

13 Jun 2020

Amazing scene! Pure chemistry!!!!

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