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Casting Couch #427: Victor Ferraz, Santi Sexy

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There’s nothing like city living, especially when black gayporn star Santi Sexy has a new neighbor, Victor Ferraz that leaves his curtains open. Santi does what any of us would do, go over and meet your new neighbor. Luckily for Santi, Victor greets him at the door in only his towel and immediately shows him to his bedroom. Victor leans in for a kiss and Santi is hoping that that towel will drop at any moment. As the kissing intensifies, Santi drops to his knees and Victor lets the towel fall. As the towel falls away, Victor’s monster cock springs forward and Santi is delighted to truly see his new neighbor. Santi inhales the full muskiness of Victor’s big boy dick before he lets the uncut head slip past his lips. Showing us what an expert cock sucker he is, Santi devours Victor’s enormous cock. Victor encourages Santi as his throat is stretched to new limits. Being hungry himself, Victor turns Santi around and begins giving his ass an impressive ass eating. Victor then rubs his swollen cock head against Santi’s magnificent ass then gently slides it in as Santi adjusts to the sheer girth of the monster cock penetrating his ass. As Victor’s pace picks up its no time before it is a full-on ass slamming fuck. Santi and Victor are riding the high of this fuck as far as they can, when Santi flips onto his back to give Victor complete access to his smooth ass. Victor quickly picks up the pace and continues with his deep ass pounding that Santi so desires. Victor is quit literally fucking the cum right out of Santi, as every muscle in Santi’s body tenses as his load flies out of his cock. Victor then lays back as Santi services his balls until Victor fills Santi’s mouth with his thick, creamy load of cum. Like a good neighbor, please cum in my mouth.

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04 Feb 2020

Hot scene

04 Feb 2020

Victor is a cutie!

05 Feb 2020

I wish this had been a flip flop

12 Feb 2020

This was a high impact film. We all need neighbors like these 2. Victor's cock is amazing and what is more amazing is watching it disappear in Santi's incredible ass. The fucking is hardcore and intense!

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