Hole In One: Gianni Maggio, Jorge Leal

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Stiff competition and rough play occurs when Gianni Maggio and Jorge Leal get together for game night. Gianni uses temptation and distraction to try and get the upper hand on the game and Jorge is all in as he sees Gianni’s massive cock exposed. Jorge drops to his knees and begins worshipping the fat, mushroom head of Gianni’s cock. Gianni spits and drools his beer onto his cock and Jorge sucks it all up, cock, spit and beer. Getting spun around, Jorge’s hairy ass is spread apart and Gianni moves in to eat up all that deliciousness. Jorge’s hairy, pink hole is glistening as Gianni’s huge cock pierces the magic ring and slowly drives the remainder of his cock shaft up that hot ass. Gianni begins picking up his pace as Jorge’s ass relaxes and allows Gianni’s colossal cock to go deeper. The guys swap up positions and this time Jorge lowers his ass onto Gianni’s rock-hard cock and begins fucking himself to his full level of pleasure. Another swap and this time Jorge finds himself on his back, legs spread wide and Gianni’s enormous raw cock penetrating him deep and hard. The fucking reaches an intensive paralleled passion and Gianni is beyond control at this point and creams Jorge’s beefy ass with his hot load of cum. Make it a game night tonight.

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24 Jan 2020

It's always good to see Gianni's horse cock back in action!

29 Jan 2020

Gianni is definitely zaddy material all the time. He is so sexy!

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