Casting Couch #422: Nalid Turan, Pierre Alexander

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On a brisk autumn day Pierre Alexander meets up with his friend Nalid Turan to get some advice on his upcoming filming. Nalid is eager to assist Pierre, he has always admired and desired to have sex with his buddy. The guys quickly strip down and Nalid takes Pierre’s tan cock into his mouth and begins sucking it to the hairy base. As Nalid sucks on Pierre’s cock he strokes his own cock to its full expanse as the echoes of Pierre’s pleasurable moans fill the room. The naked men switch positions, Pierre opens his mouth wide and goes all the way down on Nalid’s latin monster cock. Nalid senses Pierre’s exuberance for cock sucking and lends him a hand on the back of his head that guides him up and down his glistening cock shaft. Nalid and Pierre begin flipping each other onto their backs as the other delves in tongue first into the hot puckered ass. After each man is given a hot ass eating, Pierre is flipped onto his side and Nalid slips his throbbing cock into his smooth raw ass. Nalid slides his cock in and out of Pierre’s ass until he is fully adjusted then picks up the pace of his fucking. Seeing that Pierre’s balls have drawn up tight, Nalid knows that he needs to back off if he is going to get that cock in his ass before it explodes. Nalid takes to all 4’s as Pierre comes in from behind and shoves his cock in and out of his ass until he finds his rhythm. Pierre gives Nalid an aggressive fucking before he pulls his cock out and gives his pink ass a hot shower of cum. While Nalid remains on his back, Pierre climbs on top of him and lowers his ass onto his hard cock. Pierre works his ass up and down the long cock shaft, grinding down hard in search of a huge load of cum. Nalid jumps up as his cock explodes a thick load of cum all over Pierre’s lips and tongue. Pierre takes Nalid’s dripping cock into his mouth and sucks it clean of all his seed. We believe Pierre has been well taught, ready to see more of him?

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27 Nov 2019

Its good to see a hot Arab man in gay porn! It doesnt happen often.

27 Nov 2019

Hot pair, who perform well together. Nice to see the oral cumshot at the end - there aren't enough of those here any more.

03 Feb 2021

Hot. And more facials please!

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