Beefcake: Max Hilton, Mario Roma

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The beefy muscle beasts; bodybuilders Max Hilton and Mario Roma return from the gym in their sweaty jocks and ready to explode their loads. As Max and Mario grind their cocks and lips together their excitement is beyond containment. Max drops to his knees and unfastens the leather pouch that is holding Mario’s straining cock back and as it is set free Max rushes in and begins sucking the scruffy cock in front of him. Max rises for another passionate kiss before Mario drops to his knees and unleashes Max’s rigid cock and begins sucking it all the way to the base. After swapping cock sucking pleasures Mario is ready to move on and lowers his hairy ass down onto Max’s awaiting cock. As Max’s cock slips deep within Mario’s ass the groans that escape from Mario are of utter delight. Max guides Mario up and down his strong cock as Mario grinds down and deeper to fill his ass with total pleasure. The guys swap positions and this time Mario is hungry for a taste of Max’s hot, muscular ass. Mario’s tongue explores and penetrates Max’s ass as both men spread those furry ass cheeks apart to expose the hot, pink center. Unable to resist any further, Mario stands and rams his raw cock deep into Max’s wet ass. The guys swap it up again and Max finds himself on his back with Mario’s cock fucking him even deeper than before. In this position Mario’s cock perfectly massages Max and richly brings him to the point where the cum begins oozing out of his cock. Just as Mario fucks the last drops of cum out of Max’s cock, he releases his own hot load of cum that showers Max’s ball sac then leans in and begins lapping up his own cum. Beefcake cumfest is the best.

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18 Oct 2019

Wow, what a hot scene! I love watching these muscle men fucking each other!

20 Oct 2019

Watching Max Hilton getting fucked always brightens my day!

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