Jocks: Alex Berg, Diego Summers

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Alex Berg and Diego Summers have been training really hard and today they have so much pent up testosterone surging through their veins that they have to find a release. As the guys enter the room their KB’s are working overtime to restrain their massive bulges. As their massive, uncut cocks are released Diego is the first to begin the oral services as Alex’s cock is worshipped by Diego’s hungry mouth. Diego savors all the flavors of Alex’s sweat that has built up during their training and been trapped within his jock. The taste and aroma flood his senses and drives his cock wild with desire. Alex has been eyeing Diego’s meaty cock and now has the opportunity to feel it fill his mouth and throat. As Alex feasts on Diego’s monster cock he can see that his ball sac is equally full of a treat he is eager to taste, but not just yet. Alex does everything within his power to down all of Diego’s cock, but it is too much for one mouth, though that never stopped Alex from going for it all. Diego flips Alex around and begins his own feast on Alex’s smooth, muscular ass. This feast leads to plenty more as Diego stands up and rams his raw cock deep into Alex’s wet hole. Diego pulls his cock out, eats a little more ass then returns to his deep ass fucking that splits Alex’s ass wide open. Time to go deeper and this time Alex is on his side as Diego slips his cock in and has full access to that hairy man’s hole. This position serves both men well, especially Alex as his balls have drawn up tight and are moving ever closer to unleashing their load with each thrust of Diego’s fat cock. Diego responds and takes Alex’s cock in his hand just in time to stroke out a huge, creamy load of cum all over his furry abs. Diego flips Alex onto all 4’s and hammers his engorged cock deep inside of his wet ass as his fat, full balls sack slams against his ass. It doesn’t take long for Diego to shower his load of cum all over Alex’s furry ass. Diego slips his wet cock back into his workout partners ass and slowly drains the remainder of his load inside of him. The benefits of working out are endless.

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11 Oct 2019

Sexy, manly combination! I like seeing how Diego keeps fucking Alex after Alex cums!

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