Together: Marcos Oliveira, Nalid Turan

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Marcos Oliveira and Nalid Turan take a little road trip to the mountains and check into a quaint Bed and Breakfast. After a long ride in the car it is time to stretch their muscles and both men are excited to strip their clothes and get naked. Grinding their cocks in their tight whites, Marcos and Nalid are off to a great start on this short holiday. After some intense kissing the super long cocks are released and Nalid is anxious to get Marcos’s cock deep into his mouth. Nalid works his mouth and lips up and down Marcos’ long cock shaft, bringing him heightened pleasure the deeper he goes. Marcos take his turn at Nalid’s equally lengthy cock as it easily slips past his lips across his moist tongue and down his hungry throat. Grabbing hold of Nalid’s balls, Marcos forces the huge cock into his mouth and begins sucking as if it is the last cock on earth. Nalid turns around and Marcos gives his hot, pink hole the same expert attention he did to his cock. Marcos’ tongue darts in and out and all around that sweet ass. Nalid is hot and his ass is perfectly primed as Marcos slips his raw cock deep inside. With his cock remaining rock-solid, Nalid luxuriates in the pain that is splitting his ass open and filling him with pleasure all within the same instant. Nalid wants a little more control, so Marcos lays down and Nalid climbs on top and takes both men for a wild ride. The magnificence of watching to massive cocks in motion is incredible in this position. Nalid goes into a helicopter fuck, moving in a counterclockwise movement to make sure that every aspect of his ass is pleasured. With Marcos still on his back, Nalid jumps off and slips his cock into Marcos’ beautiful ass. Nalid takes it slow and every time his cock head penetrates Marcos ass his cock responds with a jolt of pleasure. Picking of the pace, Nalid gives Marcos a deep fuck that he can’t resist. Marcos grabs his rock-hard cock and begins stroking it as his ass is being pummeled by Nalid’s huge cock. Marcos is unable to resist all the pleasure filling his ass that his cock begins spewing a huge load of cum all over his ripped abs. As the last drops of cum drool from Marcos’ cock, Nalid pulls his cock out and showers Marcos’ ass with a creamy load of cum that flows all over his hot pucker hole and magnificent ass. With all that cum, Nalid begins to lap it all up before kissing Marcos with his cum soaked lips.

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06 Sep 2019

Wow, Marcos and Nalid are both real stud muffins! Very hot scene!

06 Sep 2019

HOT scene! Amazing energy and perfect chemistry between these two beautiful men. Bravo!

09 Sep 2019

Marcos was already one of my favorites, and now Nalid is one of my new favorites! This scene with the two of them together is fantastic. Well done!

09 Sep 2019

Very entertaining scene! Both porn stars are very handsome and the positions are a true endurance test for sex lol More scenes like this.Time is passing too fast...lol

10 Sep 2019

please add some kind of story and dialogues in scenes.

27 Sep 2019

Amazing couple and video! Two sexy men fucking like machines.

21 Nov 2019

Wow! This is one juicy scene. Nalid oozes hotness from start to finish .... would make my day watching Gianni Maggio fuck the cum out of him! Dont wait too long to give us Nalid's next scene ...

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