The Fan: Felipe Ferro, Jorge Leal

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After completing his first Casting Couch, Jorge Leal learns that he will go on to make films and his first will be with the man he admires most, Felipe Ferro. Imagine his surprise when Felipe walks into the room, he is nervous and very excited all at the same time. It is always hard to contain oneself when meeting someone that you have admired for so long, but you also get to have sex with that person, no pressure here. Jorge’s excitement immediately leads him to some passionate kissing, which of course gets his sexual juices flowing. Felipe sees Jorge’s pierced nipples and moves into taste, tantalize and a little torture never hurts. The guys strip and take a seat to take in the amazing view of their sexual partner. Unable to contain himself, Jorge moves in and takes Felipe’s hard cock into his mouth and runs his thick tongue up and down and around Felipe’s exposed cock head. Felipe is going wild with desire as Jorge unleashes his expert cock sucking skills on his throbbing cock. The guys swap and it is now Felipe’s turn to suck down Jorge’s fat cock. Felipe then bends Jorge over and begins an expert ass eating that any ass coinsure would enjoy. With Jorge’s ass soaking wet, Felipe slides his uncut cock deep inside of him and begins with a slow and deep rhythmic fucking. Time to swap up again and this time Felipe lowers his pink ass onto Jorge’s thick cock and grinds down hard and deep. Jorge flips Felipe onto his back and rams his raw cock into his hungry hole. No sooner has he begun fucking Felipe that Felipe begins shooting his hot load all over his furry abs. Felipe’s ass is clenching and massaging Jorge’s cock as he shoots out his load, which triggers Jorge to shoot his own load. Jorge aims his cock directly at Felipe’s ass and the jet streams of cum shoot directly across his pucker hole. Jorge leans in and begins to lap up his hot load of cum from Felipe’s ass. From Fan to Fucker!

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23 Jul 2019

It's hot to see two hairy guys together!

26 Jul 2019

Hot scene!!!!

06 Aug 2019

The guys are so hot and into each other. Nice scene!!

Andrew Stow
06 Aug 2019

Agreed with John. Extraordinarily handsome men.

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