Big: Andy Onassis, Lex Anders

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Towering over so many of us, Lex Anders and Andy Onassis remind us that we all would like the opportunity to climb those huge mountains of muscle. Andy and Lex have hooked up and we get to not only see their mountainous muscles in action but those huge and hefty cocks in action as well. Andy is the first to take a knee and service Lex’s hairy cock with an ease and expertness that we have all come to expect. Lex interrupts Andy, as he has been eyeing up that monstrous cock and is eager to see how much of it, he can fit into his mouth. Lex starts out by stretching his mouth wide to accommodate the massive mushroom head of Andy’s cock. As Lex feels the enormous cock fill his mouth, he takes a deep breath and goes deeper. After swapping out cock sucking Andy bends Lex over and dives into his hairy ass tongue first. Andy’s tongue darts in and out and attempts to prep him for what is to come. With Lex’s ass primed as well as it will ever be, Andy stands and glides his meaty cock into Lex’s ass. Lex does all that he can to control himself, but he never expected such girth to feel so overwhelming and so good. With his cock remaining rock solid throughout, Andy is ready to put Lex’s hard cock to work. Andy lowers his hungry ass onto Lex’s stiff cock and is off and running, or should I say grinding down fast and furiously as his own bulging cock slaps around with building pleasure. The guys swap up again and this time Lex has his hairy, muscled legs spread apart as Andy’s cock spreads his ass wide open. Andy can sense that it is time and goes in deep and hard as Lex begins to bark orders at him to “fuck me”. As Andy quickens his pace, he takes Lex’ cock into his hand and matches the rhythm with his fucking and it’s not long before the cum is gushing from Lex’s cock and all over his hairy abs. With the last drops of cum emerging from Lex’s cock, Andy unleashes his hot load all over Lex’s ball sac then leans down, laps up his and Lex’s cum then shares a tender kiss with Lex. You must be at least this tall to ride this ride!

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10 May 2019

It's so hot to see these two big, manly men fucking each other! Great scene!

11 May 2019

Fuck! This is a fantastic combination. I love seeing Lex getting fucked!

17 May 2019

Both of these hot men are perfectly manscaped!

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