Good Vibes: Cody Banx, Attila Kardos

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Cody Banx and Attila Kardos work together and have been fighting the vibes that they feel from one another, until today. Afterwork the guys hooked up and invited us to watch. The kissing gets  passionate very quickly as the clothes start to drop and the hard cocks are revealed. After a little docking, Cody drops down and takes Attila’s handsome cock into his mouth as Attila uses his leather belt around Cody’s neck to draw him in deeper. The guys then swap positions and Attila switches back and forth from cock to balls as he draws them in and gives them a healthy sucking. The next swap finds Cody and Attila in a hot 69 position, where both cocks are equally serviced at the same time. Cody proves to be a very hungry co-worker as he moves in and begins eating Attila’s beautiful, furry ass. Never more ready, Cody stands up and rams his raw cock deep into Attila’s ass. After a short time of fucking, Cody drops down and begins eating Attila’s freshly fucked ass, just a bit more of lube for you, then returns to his deep ass fucking. Time for another swap and this time Attila sits back as Cody sits his ass down on Cody’s throbbing cock. The guys work together to make sure that full and complete penetration is achieved. As the fucking intensifies, Cody leans in and continues with the passionate kissing. Cody spins around so that we can see just how much he loves to get fucked, as we witness from how rock-solid his cock is as Attila continues fucking his ass. Another flip and this time we find Cody on his back and Attila driving his cock deep from on top. This is the position that drives Cody wild, as Attila’s cock massages him perfectly and deeply. It is not long before the pleasure over takes Cody and he takes his cock into his hand and strokes out his hot load of cum. Attila amps up his fucking and unleashes his creamy load of cum all over Cody’s spent ball sac. With the last drops of cum still draining from his cock, Attila shoves his cock back into Cody so that he has something to think about before work tomorrow. Which co-worker do you want to fuck with?

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11 Apr 2019

Hot combination of two sexy hunks!

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