Tautness: Ely Chaim, Leonardo Lucatto

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Leonardo Lucatto has invited Ely Chaim over to test out some new exercise equipment. As the guys check out the versatility and tautness of the sport bands they are pleased that these will assist them with keeping fit while travelling. As the muscles are flexed and pumped Ely takes advantage of the situation and drops to his knees and takes Leonardo’s pumped, meaty cock into his hungry mouth. Leonardo knows that this is an area of expertise for Ely and begins face fucking his eager mouth. Ely then takes out his elongated cock and begins feeding it to Leonardo, who is all too happy to feel it slide down his throat. The guys now test the ability of the sports bands to bring them together as Ely’s tongue meets Leonardo’s perfect, pink ass. Ely’s tongue probes deeper with every thrust forward. With Leonardo’s ass fully primed, Ely has him squat down onto his hard cock and begins riding him deep. Leonardo loves the sensation of Ely’s long cock filling him up, yet, there is another pleasure he wishes to experience. So, they guys switch up and this time Leonardo comes in from behind and rams his raw cock deep into Ely’s hot, hairy ass. Leonardo is massaging Ely in all the right places, but knows Ely is getting to close too soon and backs off. Time to switch it up again and Ely finds himself on his back with his muscular legs spread wide and Leonardo coming in for more. This is the position that pushes all of Ely’s pleasure points to the max and Leonardo responds by increasing the intensity of his fucking. With the increased intensity, both men are driven to the edge and Ely is the first to blow his huge, thick, creamy load of cum all over his ripped abs. Just as the last drops of cum ooze from Ely’s cock, Leonardo pulls his cock out and showers Ely’s ass and balls with his equally thick load of milky cum. With all that thick cum on his cock there is no other option but to slide it back into Ely and continue fucking. Leonardo scoops up Ely’s cum and begins inserting it into his taut ass and massaging him into total relaxation. One of the many benefits of exercising with a hot friend.

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22 Mar 2019

It's good to see Ely back!

23 Mar 2019

The Best Resistance Band Exercises to Build Muscle lol Very original.

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