Casting Couch #404: Bairon Hell, Andy Star

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Andy Star contacted us and said that he has met Bairon Hell, whom he believes would do great in films. We asked Andy to bring out the best of Bairon’s gifts. Andy begins by showing us why he is a master of his trade and Bairon can not resist all the temptations exuding from Andy’s sexy body. Andy moves in on the handsomely, rugged, hairy man and his straining rock-hard cock as he fills his senses with Bairon’s manly aroma before tasting the manly musk engulfing his cock. Bairon takes full advantage of Andy’s expert cock sucking and gives him a face fucking fit for an expert. With Andy bringing Bairon’s cock so close to the edge, Bairon backs off and is ready to feast on the so famous, so perfect throbbing cock of Andy’s. Andy too, is getting to close to the edge to fast, so he bends Bairon over and parts his hairy ass with his glistening cock. Bairon backs up onto Andy’s glistening cock as Andy glides it deeper within that hungry hole. Andy pushes Bairon to his limits before he turns him around and lowers his hot ass onto Bairon’s throbbing raw cock. The fucking gets intense as Andy grinds his ass down hard onto Bairon’s cock as he feels his hairy thighs brushing against his smooth ass. As the momentum builds Andy picks up his pace and soon his cock is flooding Bairon’s hairy thigh with his thick, creamy load of cum. Bairon begins a rapid-fire fucking that leads to an explosive eruption of cum that coats Andy’s smooth, muscular thigh. Andy lowers his ass back onto Bairon’s cock knowing that there is cum yet to be sucked out of that cock.

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27 Feb 2019

Andy is always hot, and he looks better than ever! Bairon is damn sext too!

27 Feb 2019

I was not expecting a flip from Bairon, wonderful surprise. Both guys are scorching hot here. Great scene!

Bob, the (body)builder
27 Feb 2019

Andy looks fantastic, good cum-shot of Bairon.

03 Apr 2020

Two real men who know what they want and know how to give. Bairon needs some cock hair manscaping.

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