Room Service: Titan Tex, John Rodriguez

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Titan Tex has checked into the exclusive hotel and finds himself in need of more towels, the room attendant, John Rodriguez arrives just in time. John arrives and finds out that their towels are not able to contain Titan’s mighty tool. As with all boutique hotels, customer service is paramount. John immediately sees that their guest is in need of some special attention and John just so happens to be the expert that is needed in this particular room. Titan drops his towel and shows John his massive, meaty cock and John springs into action. Sizing up this monster is no simple task, John begins by running his tongue up and down the huge mahogany cock then delves in and consumes it with his ravenous mouth. John does everything within his powers and the expanding limits of his mouth and throat to pleasure his guest. With Titan’s colossal cock all glistening wet, John lowers his ass over Titan’s darting tongue. Titan bathes John’s ass with pleasure and abundant saliva. John moves to all fours and demands that Titan fuck him hard. Titan likes the commands of the room attendant and rams his cock full span, until his balls are resting against John’s ass. John loves the feel of that full girth and length of Titan’s cock and demands more. Titan climbs on top of John and drives his cock deeper than imaginable. John flips onto his back and Titan reaches and stimulates John in all the exact spots that drive him crazy. This is also the exact position that drives Titan wild as well, as his balls draw up tight and his cock expands to its fullest girth and length inside of John. This is too much for John to hold back and lets his hot load of cum spray all over his abs. All those tight muscles in that sweet hole of John’s has milked Titan for all he is worth as Titan unleashes his creamy load all over John’s ass, thighs, cock and abs. This is one room service call that does not require a tip, just a repeat.

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19 Jan 2018

Titan Tex`s relentlessly-questing penile power is truly a United Kingdom "Export", but the same could be said, concerning John Rodriguez `s equally stunning Bottoming Performance for Spain.The saying "No Holes barred", really does, apply in this instance.. John wanted "no mercy shown", and wasn`t he satisfied ! !

19 Jan 2018

John would gladly take several encores... This video is compulsive viewing.

20 Jan 2018

This video is for me one of the bests!

20 Jan 2018

It's a really good video !!! Everithing is perfect,a little story, beautiful light and camera, hot performance! This video is great especially because everyone knows their place and executes it with mastery. I think that the producer Kristen Bjorn always is determined to make most actors versatile and this it is a big mistake. if you are bottom and you see a super top putting his ass, you stop to like him! and if you are an a top and you see a bottom topping and enjoying, it is bothers you because you want to see him very submissive not aggressive. I think you should study each actor individually and see their strengths and wait for their fans to not spoil the magic forever. Another error of the producer is to put together the actors by the same body type, height and age, that makes all the videos look like the same and all the positions are similar, because the weight of the boys limits the movement and the kamasutra. You are one of my favorite producers but you should change all those things so as not to finish most of the time doing the same scene. You have to take more risck and try new things. Anyway you are the best. Congratt!!!

20 Jan 2018

"Mundane", certainly is not a word that I associate with the studio of Kristen Bjorn.!. If changes were afoot, I would like some of the comments made in Calvin Mullins`s introduction to be used by the actors, whispering encouragement in their ear. Something could have been made of the fact that Titan`s girth visibly grew during the video. This is a sight to be savoured, and much of Calvin`s well-thought-through erotic commentary should be utilised during the course of the video, when models would certainly find these kind of comments whispered in the ear ,somewhat of a vital catalyst.

25 Jan 2018

Mundano, those would be great comments for the forum. Please try posting there so others can join in the discussion.

28 Jan 2018

I am more than surprised that nobody has commented about the speed of Titan`s very thorough thrusting. I lost count of how many times John said "Si". This is truly "cliffhanging Action."As the video progresses, the angles are certainly more intense making this incredibly satisfying....John `s second sphincter was continually- rammed in a highly-spectacular manner. No mercy shown !!! He was very thoroughly seen to. This video really does deserve applause !

28 Jan 2018

Andrew! This video really does deserve applause ! Im completely agree with you. Very good review!

30 Jan 2018

Thanks, William, for your comments about my enthusiastic reviews. Titan Tex really knows how excel, and in addition,, really " Give The Finishing Touches", and Sandro quite rightly says that for him, "it is one of The Best." Seldom comes thrusting as powerfully-attentive as this, and hopefully, there will be more future comments resulting from my entry in The Forum.

31 Jan 2018

I am surprised that nobody has commented about the force which Titan brought to bear on John, when he thrust his whole weight upon him. The response from John was so good that it was well worth turning up the volume control full blast !

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