Reckless, Sc 1: Hunter Marx, Stany Falcone

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Taking a break, blue collar worker Hunter Marx relieves himself as handsome Stany Falcone sneaks a peek. The bearded Stany moves in for a kiss, dropping down to work up Hunter’s big cock—deep sucking him as spit strands droop from his mouth. Hunter snaps his beast onto Stany’s face: “Like that?” he asks with a wicked smile, Stany grabbing Hunter’s hairy pec as he continues to suck. Hunter returns the favor, rubbing Stany’s defined stomach as he slurps. The two kiss, their pulsing cocks touching. Hunter tongue fucks his bud before slowly poking his dick inside: “Fuck, you’re tight! You want me to go deeper?” Hunter’s cock bobs up when it’s released from Stany’s hole, the top reaching down for a kiss. Hunter mounts the table and sits on Stany’s meat, riding as his own monster stays rock hard. “Play with my cock,” he demands as Stany strokes it, the two kissing again. Hunter gets on his back, jacking as he yells at Stany to “Punch it!” The top fucks him hard and fast, the sound of flesh on flesh getting louder. Hunter unleashes a white-hot wad as he’s fucked, the tight-abbed top following suit as the two kiss.

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06 Oct 2017

There was nothing "Reckless" about this rather grubby Lavatory Video, other than what I suspected was a burst condom, The sperm was left to mix with the already flowing anal juices, and the action was mundane, mechanical, and virtually-unfeeling. Why this video was ever released does suprrise me. Titan Men should be more God -Like, and there really was no hint of heroism. i feel sorry for porn stars who cannot find more exhilarating Directorship !

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