Casting Couch #371: Salvador Mendoza, Alex Blue

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Salvador Mendoza and Alex Blue just met at the beach and for the exact same reasons, Salvador loved Alex’s smooth, milky skin, while Alex loves the chestnut warmth of Salvador’s rich skin. Alex can barely contain himself when he sees Salvador’s massive cock and immediately takes it deep into his mouth. Salvador flips Alex over and goes straight for his hot, pink pucker hole. Alex pushes his ass back onto Salvador’s tongue as his low hanging balls swing with the rhythm.  Sensing Alex’s hunger, Salvador rams his raw, meaty cock deep into his wet, pink hole. Alex has been so turned on since the beach and opens wide for Salvador. Salvador wants to make sure that Alex gets the full experience of his cock and slows his fucking so that the full length of his cock and Alex’s ass feel the full pleasure of this hot fuck. The guys move into a squatting fuck position and Alex goes for a full, deep and satisfying rhythm. Salvador has to pull back, before he shoots his load and switches up the position again. This time Alex gets on his back and spreads his legs wide open so that he can feel that huge cock fill him up. Alex can’t contain himself any longer and creams his balls and thighs with his load of cum. Salvador teases, taunts and pounds Alex’s ass hard as his cock grows stronger and harder. With his cock so full of pleasure he unleashes his huge load of cum all over Alex’s inviting hole. As Salvador shoves his cock back into Alex they find the tender side of the other. Don’t you love the color mixing of chestnut, cream and pink?

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26 Aug 2017

Salvador appears even more handsome in this video than his previous pictures. His hind quarters could have done with some extra time at the Tanning Salon. yes, the chestnut flesh compared with the pink and perky hole of the obliging Alex Blue, are a colour contrast well worth remembering. I do not think that either of them wanted this virile Pounding Session to end....

13 Dec 2017

The scene is amazing!

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